‘My Drunk Kitchen’ by Hannah Hart

Normally I would (probably) not devote an entire post to this book but damn it,  it charmed my pants off like only the best books can. Be advised though, if you’re looking for a cookbook, why the heck are you looking at ‘My Drunk Kitchen’? Have you never seen the show on Youtube? Also, why not? Hannah is an adorable weirdo!

ISN'T IT PRETTY?!!! @myharto

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But seriously, this isn’t a cook book just like the Youtube show isn’t a cooking show. There are recipes and some of them I would actually consider making but it’s not high class cooking. Moving on.

This book is SO Hannah Hart! It made me laugh out loud, it made me think and I loved it to bits and pieces while reading. If it were possible, I would take this book behind a middle school to get it pregnant. I want to cuddle with it on a misty fall day, drink tea and laugh over stupid puns. The book and I would have an epic love story is all I’m saying. If only one could date books.

That pretty much sums it up. After having seen all vlogbrothers videos, I started reading John Green’s books with his voice in my head and the same happened here. It’s an extension on what she does in her videos and well, you either like it or you don’t.

What I liked a lot was when she talked a little bit more about herself, like how she realised she was gay and such because normally, she is a pretty private person with stuff close to her heart and aside from her Coming Out series on Youtube, hasn’t spoken much about it. And like every good personal blogger, I always enjoy getting to stick my nose into other people’s lives and learning a little bit more about them.

One more thing I usually don’t comment on because it isn’t that relevant to the book but feel appropriate at this point. There are really great pictures in this book and the whole layout and hardcover really worked for me. It seems like someone really cared for the end product and that’s always comforting to know. So, big, big fan of this book, sitting right here on her couch in pyjama pants and a Camp Takota baseball tee.

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