the Grinch of Halloween

It’s now November which isn’t only my birthday month or marks one year since I started working, it’s also close to the end of the year. But before it becomes November, there is Halloween, at least for those who do live in countries that celebrate and care.

The lovely Emily tagged me in the Spooky Scary Skeletag on Youtube and so I made another video which is good. I always love finding a reason to vlog but am in general pretty ¬†idealess as to what to vlog about outside of VEDA and such. Also, this post is a bit late as Halloween is already over but I only saw on October 30th that Emily tagged me and Halloween wasn’t a good day for me this year so I’m a bit late to the whole thing.


And without much further ado, here is everything you might ever wanted to know about me and Halloween. I’m sorry I didn’t dress up but it was too hot that day to put on my Cookie Monster onsie and I didn’t have any other costume handy.

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