the pitfalls of napping

Over the weekend, I fell asleep on my sofa. That is in itself not a bad thing at all but every time I fall asleep there, I end up lucid dreaming and I hate it. I truly hate it. I should have known better and actually moved myself to bed or gotten up so I wouldn’t have fallen asleep at all during the day but my brain said, “hey, you’ll just close your eyes for a couple of minutes”. Ha, my brain is a liar and really, by now I should know better.

I wish I knew what it is about that sofa that sends me into lucid dreams, maybe it’s the whole lying on my back thing though I do that in bed as well. I don’t know. 90 minutes later or so, I was finally able to break out of my haze and wake up and felt like shit. Not because I fell asleep in a weird angle but because my brain felt like it was on a rollercoaster and I was about to puke.

I’ve had this happen a couple of times before so I know this is not something out of the ordinary. It’s what happens when I fall asleep on my sofa. (You’re probably going to start screaming if I mention that any more times, sorry).

What I really don’t like about the lucid dreaming is the being aware of being asleep thing while not being able to wake up. At some points, I even feel like I’m watching myself and am trying to move my arms, for example, and nothing happens. No matter how much I try. Or I try to will myself awake but nothing happens, like I am trapped and that’s a terrible feeling. I hate being that out of control and also feeling like shit afterwards. What’s the point of napping when you end up feeling worse than before?

There are people who advocate lucid dreaming and maybe I am doing it wrong (especially since I am not doing it willingly) but I truly can’t see the benefit. Yes, I can direct my ‘dreams’ to certain things but I also can’t really do anything, especially not waking up when I want to. Just thinking about it now makes me seasick all over again. Seasick from lucid dreaming, now that’s original.

I guess next time, I should just not fall asleep on the sofa. Just don’t do it because it screws with my head and body too much to the point I’m still not feeling 100% okay a day later.

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