falling leaves

Today was probably the last day I got to go running in shorts and a t-shirt. And it’s probably the last weekend with almost summer like temperatures. It’s October and still, aside from the coloured trees and fallen leaves, you can only tell that summer has left because it gets darker early in the evening, it’s dark and cold when I get up in the mornings.

Heyo #Canada, we got #maple leaves ourselves! #autumn #nofilter

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But it’s also enormously beautiful. Autumn and spring are easily my favourite seasons because they are so short lived and full of change. There is nothing better about finally seeing the fresh green of growing leaves after a long and cold winter and there is also nothing better than seeing those leaves turn all kinds of orange before they fall down.

And another one in case you couldn't tell how much I love #autumn Sorry for spamming your TLs

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Today I sat down next to two old men on “my” bench in the woods and sometimes I really like doing this because you get to talk to complete strangers but it’s not weird. Some talk too much but that mostly happens when they are alone. Like today, they just ask you some questions, talk a little bit about themselves and also, you get an insight into their lives and friendship as they talk to each other. I’m a nosy person, sorry, but it’s just fascinating.

After a week of almost exclusively sitting down and hardly walking at all, the running felt good although I was slow as a snail. Regardless of the pace, I need this kind of physical exercise to be happy and able to sit at a desk during the week. I need to move around, let my thoughts wander and just be without anything aside from myself.

I really don't have it too bad as far as places to live go :-)

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My hip had been hurting all week, possibly from all the sitting but as soon as I had about 1k under my belt, it all felt so much better. It’s as if my body parts align again and by the end of it, not only is my body an entity again, my soul has centred itself in it as well.

Whoever coined the phrase “men sana in corpore sano” back in the good old latin days was onto something. The less I run and move around the more I start putting junk food in my body and even if I want to stop, I just can’t because my will is exceptionally weak when it comes to unhealthy things. But running though, it’s like recalibrating my metabolism, my mindset and body.

I love #autumn

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So I seize the opportunity when it’s a beautiful fall day like it was today to soak up as much sun as I can because winter is coming and I won’t be able to run after work as it will be dark then and I’m not going to the woods in the dark on my own, I’m not a complete idiot.

I’m curious as to what kind of winter this year will bring; a harsh one or a mild one like last year? Will I get to go sledding? I’m curious, but as of right now, I am content in the here and now.

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  • Beautiful pictures!
    I need to go running again, everyone I read keeps talking about running and I’m feeling so exceptionally lazy.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      Oh honey, I haven’t been doing a lot of running lately and am exceptionally slow but it’s something I need to ot HULKSMASH my surroundings in everyday life.