Disney (Wednes)Day: Monsters Inc.

Can you believe it’s been 13 years since Monsters Inc. saw its theatrical release in 2001? Not that I saw it back then, but I was aware of its existence and wanted to see it. I didn’t see it until now though so let’s get on with the recap.

For some reason, Monsters Inc. has an incredibly long title sequence but okay. The movie then really opens in a child’s bedroom. The parents just said their goodnights, everything is calm but is it?! The closet door opens and the kid wakes up. Next thing I know, there is a monster under the boy’s bed. So they are real. I need a second to digest that but no, I don’t get that because when the kid starts screaming, so does the monster and we learn this was just a training simulation.

A woman-monster is explaining to the other students what Mo (?) did wrong. He left the door open which apparently is a cardinal offence because a child could slip out and enter their world. Since kids are deadly to monsters, this would not be desirable in any way. The whole reason to do this though is to collect the screams of kids. Weird.

In a room, a furry monster (Sulley)  and a one eyed monster (Mike) are training. It could also be considered foreplay but since this is a Disney movie targeted towards children, I will try to keep my inappropriate comments to a minimum. The stop their training when a Monsters Inc. ad comes on TV because they’re both in it.

Next thing we know they’re walking to work through Monstroplolis or whatever the hell this city is called. They totally look as if they’re a couple but yeah, sorry. This whole scene only seems to be in the movie to show us how gloriously they created this fake world. Good job, animators. Good job, but more plot relevant things, kthxbai.

Apparently Sulley is Scarer of the Month again, as he has been for a long time because there are only pictures of him up on that wall. Meanwhile Mike gets to talk to his girlfriend (boohoo) about their evening plans. There goes that phantasy.

In the locker room, Mike gets scared by Randall who can make himself invisible. A highly useful skill, if I might say so. At first, when we saw the factory, I didn’t understand what they were doing with the doors but duh, there is a kid to scare behind each and every one of those doors. They also bottle up the screams because they use it to power the city. Moving on.

There is an incident where one door can’t be used anymore since the kid isn’t afraid of monsters anymore so the door is destroyed.

For a very brief moment, Randall takes up the number one spot on the score board but not for very long as Sulley claims it back.

A red monster returns from a room with a sock on his back so the hazmat team is called in. They destroy the sock and also shave the poor fellow. Doesn’t look like fun at all. And like every American run company, they have a “This facility has been accident free for xyz days” kind of clock. This ties in to my daily working life like whoa! anyway.

At the end of their shift, Mike wants to go on his date with his girlfriend but the unhappy snail lady wants his paperwork. Since he is notoriously bad at filing it correctly, Sulley, being the awesome friend that he is, offers to do it for him and everyone goes their merry way.

In the working area, there is one door mysteriously left so Sulley looks inside but there isn’t anyone in there. But no, a girl escaped while he was peeking in. He tries to get it back inside but fails miserably. He thinks he finally managed to put the girl back, he has to take care of all the stuff he has in his fur. But nope, he stuffs those in an empty locker and still has the kid on his back. He goes back to stick the girl in her door but the  door is going away to wherever doors go in this universe/factory.

So Sulley crashes Mike’s date with the girl stuffed in a gym bag. Not a nice way to dispose of a kid. Obviously the kid gets lose in the restaurant and they have to get it back but also, everyone gets acutely aware that there is a kid on the lose in Monstertown. Sulley and Mike try to get the kid home and hide it there.

After playing a lot, the kid gets sleepy so Sulley brings her to bed only she crawls into his, sees the closet door and freaks. She thinks Randall (her monster) will come through it and can’t go to sleep so Sulley sits with her until she drifts off. Sweet.

The next day, Sulley just wants to return Boo but they walk in and the hazmat team is there looking for the little thing. This might complicate things a little. Thankfully Boo is in a little monster costume and it’s adorable! Sulley takes it to the toilet to hide and they share an adorable moment until Randall shows up.

He and his minion talk about the escaped kid.

At work, Sulley and Mike try to be very nonchalant and unsuspicious but that just makes them more suspicious. They call a door up but it is not Boo’s and slowly the other workers get suspicious of them as they argue very loudly with each other. #married

Also, Boo has run off again because otherwise, this movie would have no plot whatsoever. Randall informs Mike that the girl’s door will be in the working area during lunch break when nobody else will be there so that would be a prime time to return the little critter.

Meanwhile Sulley, having lost the child again *sigh*, thinks it ended up in the waste treatment plant which obviously it didn’t. They find little Boo, bring her back to the door but Sulley is suspicious. Just as Mike goes in to prove there is nothing wrong with the room, Randall kidnaps him, thinking it’s the child. OH MY GOD!

Randall unboxes Mike and info dumps that this is not about who is number one on the score board anymore, but he has been working on a way to revolutionise the screaming industry. Mike is strapped into his seat while a weird looking contraption is getting closer to him. Something goes wrong though that makes Randall yell at his minion and then leave so Mike and the lackey can have  a heart to heart. This ends with the lackey strapped in the chair and Mike gone.

Sulley does his requested presentation at the screaming academy, which I completely forgot to mention earlier. Unluckily, Boo sees him being scary and is afraid of him. Poor child.

Next up, Sulley and Mike are telling the factory manager about what Randall has been up to. Just as I noted down how I do not trust him, he opens a door and dumps the two monsters in a blizzard while taking Boo away. I’m so good at TV sometimes.

In the blizzard, they meet a yeti, possibly, maybe, IDK.

Yeti mentions a village which means there will be other doors to escape from. But the village is 3 days away. Sulley doesn’t care though but Mike is angry with him because since Boo appeared, he has only cared about the child. They part ways but you can tell Mike is regretting his decision already.

Sulley gets out of the door and finds Boo strapped in the scream extracter thingy. He takes her out but Randall is fighting him with invisibility. Mike comes back and at first doesn’t see Sulley fighting but helps him in the right moment.

They break away from Randall, flee to the working area to get to the door. Mike’s girlfriend helps them stall Randall but it’s no use. They latch onto the doors and there goes a whole long door chasing montage.

Boo is reclaimed and Randall is trashed in a  door and then demolished. They find Boo’s door, finally but the power is out and just in that moment, Boo won’t laugh for the life of her because of CONTRIVANCE! Apparently they still needed to fill some time because this putting the child back to where it came from hasn’t been going on for long enough.

They flee from the manager and end up in the simulation chamber where they get him to say he wants to change everything blah blah. This is recorded and everyone knows now. The manager is arrested and Number One is called.

It turns out it’s angry snail lady. Sulley gets to say goodbye to Boo but the the door has to be destroyed. So sad.

Next thing we know, Mike is in a room trying to make a kid laugh and boom! They have transformed the whole company because a laugh is 10 times more effective than a scream. I like this. Also, Mike has rebuilt Boo’s door so Sulley can visit. Awwww. That’s so sweet.

The end.

I liked this movie. Disney was trying to show us that not everything that seems scary actually has to be that. Monsters are as scared of us as we are of them but if we give each other a chance, we see how lovely we all are. I must say, that I was a bit bored throughout at times because it took them FOREVER to bring that child back. And there was never a real SURPRISE moment for me. But I liked how different this movie was. It had monsters and animation and everything. It’s not a fairy tale, and yes, we haven’t seen those in a while, but it also wasn’t a love story by far. I actually like that about the  movie. Still, it had its lengths sometimes but it is a really good film. I may have just had too high expectations as I had heard so many things about it before.

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  • Tim

    Monsters Inc is easily one of my favorite Disney animated films to come out this century. Really only Wreck-It Ralph and Howl’s Moving Castle (which is a Studio Ghibli film, so it barely counts) are better in my mind. I can’t particularly explain why I like Monsters Inc so much, but its rewatchability is phenomenal.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      I actually opted out watching the Studio Ghilbi movies at this point because there already are SO MANY MOVIES I need to watch. Especially the 2000s are just cruel.

      Monsters Inc was really cool, just the toddler did annoy me a bit at times, but oveall it is a really good one. Especially since I watched Return to Never Land yesterday…ugh.

    • cupitonians

      Ditto on the Ghibli studio films and monsters inc. I’m a 27 year old with Sully sheets! No, no need for therapy!

  • EmilyHornburg

    I love Sulley and Boo and they make everything happy