‘Once the Clouds Have Gone’ by KE Payne

Once the Clouds Have Gone by KE Payne is the story of Tag, who left her childhood home when she was about 19 years old. Now she has to get back to the place she hasn’t visited in many years because her father died and left her half of their family’s historical mill. Only, Tag didn’t leave home on good terms. She left her family behind and hardly ever checked in with them so her brother is rightfully pissed with her in the beginning of the story.

Source: Goodreads

But this is only the setting for the whole romance plot because obviously the mill has a cafe that’s run by cute Freddie who is taking care of her sisters daughter since her sister passed away from cancer. I say obviously because Tag and Freddie fall in love but sadly both carry a lot of baggage from their past lives and relationships, which is why they are both not giving in to their feelings easily. It takes time and a lot of obstacles, like Tag having to prove to Freddie that she won’t just disappear like she did before.

The story is cute and some of it did ring true for me. It made me think about my own commitment issues but parts of the story were also pretty repetitive. The reasons for both lady’s reluctances are explained over and over again, so after a while you just want to yell at the book: “I GET IT, DAMN IT!” Alas, that’s the case for a lot of your run of the mill (pun maybe intended) romance novels.

In general I liked this story, the characters were fleshed out and you could actually believe their troubles even though I’m still not a 100% sure I get why Tag left home at 19 aside from just wanting to be somewhere else and not in this small town anymore. That’s legit and I get it but in the beginning of the story, her going away is portrayed like this big thing and you wonder what it is that she did. I expected a little bit more than the aforementioned. That and being a little bit redundant at times is my only complaint.

Freddie and Tag are cool characters as are the supporting characters, like Freddie’s daughter Skye, Tag’s sister in law and her nephew. So, if you want an easy and not #stupidbookisstupid worthy read, I would recommend this one.

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