London 2.0

When I planned my trip to London at the beginning of this year, I had no idea I would be returning to this city so shortly thereafter but here I am. Last weekend I went back to visit London for 2 short days but mostly to meet up with Kirsti. You clearly have to take advantage of it when a friend from the other side of the world is on your continent. And that’s why I visited London twice in five months. And went through 4 security check ups in 2 days. It’s not as cool as it sounds.

Obviously I hadn’t seen everything there is to see about London in June and I still haven’t seen everything. In fact, I believe one can never see everything of a citly like London.

Kirsti and I went to Westminster to take a tour of the Parliament. Unfortunately, you weren’t allowed to take photos inside but we still had a great time. Both the House of Commons and House of Lords main rooms seem far too small for the people it’s required to hold at maximum. There was a lot of history to a lot of things in the building that I didn’t know because my school education only covered German history classes (mostly). I was happy when the tour talked about the women’s voting rights and Suffragette movement because that I had learned about in school, though only because I wrote a paper about it.

DSC_0006 copy

Our next stop, after a burrito lunch, was The Buckingham Palace, something I had only seen from the outside until then. We got to see the state rooms as well as the royal childhood exhibition. Especially the exhibition was pretty cool, they had a toy car that was made from Astin Martin for Andrew after a Bond car. If that’s not cool, I don’t know what is. After all, Royals, are like us, they only have fancier clothes and toys. The inside of the Palace is beautiful as are the grounds. As with Westminster, we were only allowed to take photos outside, sadly.

NBD, just hanging out at Buckingham Palace with @williesun. #LondonBaby

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That evening, we hung out with Kirsti’s brother at The Winchester and later watched Doctor Who live, as it aired at his place. That was in itself pretty awesome even though the episode wasn’t that good in my opinion.

On my second and last day we met at King’s Cross Station to take pictures at Platform 9 3/4. I had aleady gotten a picture there last time but one can never have eough of those, right?

DSC_0613 copy 2

Then we waited for Kirsti’s parents at Earl’s Court from where I had to leave to go to the airport again. The visit was too short but at least I got to hang out with Kirtsi and meet her family. In the elevator at Earl’s Court after meeting her parents, my first thought was “So that’s the man who loves to vacuum”.

As with Paris, I’m already missing real life Kirsti but who knows, maybe I will get my ass to Australia in the coming years. Until then, there is thankully the internet.

Finally, here, have some shaky video of some of the things we did because I only remembered to record stuff halfway to Buckingham Palace. I’m also still learning to not record and walk, it’s a slow process. Very slow.

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  • Sorry I subjected you to MY ENTIRE FAMILY. That wasn’t quite the way things were supposed to go!!

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      No need to apologise, I loved meeting them all, even if it was just briefly in the case of your parentals. They were all really nice as far as I could tell :-)

  • Tim


    • Wilhelmina Upton

      Much British, London, yes. Good.

  • cupitonians

    I looooooove how your hair is looking now. And I’m extremely envious that I couldn’t be there!

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      Thank you, I’m really loving it too :-)
      Yes, England without you wasn’t the same. We will meet again, sooner or later, I’m sure.