home is where the heart is

I love going away; embarking on adventures; discovering new cities; and meeting old and new friends but there is just something to coming home. It hits me every time when I’m on the highway leading me back to the city I was born in.

The road has small curves and it goes downhill a bit, when the sun hits it just right, like it did tonight, the fall leaves on the trees covering all the hills shine especially beautiful. I get a sense of pride because this magnificent place is one I can claim as home.

As much as I like to visit the big cities, I could never live there. They are dirty and so full of people and after a while, I always long to get back home where there is plenty of space, air to breathe and nature to look at.

My heart is seeing nothing but hills covered in trees.
My heart is standing on a stage having 800 kids hanging on my every word, either rooting for or against me, depending on what character I’m portraying.
My heart is knowing all the twists and turns; ups and downs of my favourite track through the woods.
My heart is sitting by the shore of Lake Trummen with Telebogr’s castle in the back on a sunny fall afternoon.
My heart is driving my car into the garage, shutting it off and knowing I arrived at my final destination where my cell phone automatically connects to the TARDIS wifi and a comfortable bed awaits me.

But my heart isn’t only places; it’s also people and only a few of those I claim as family are actually blood relatives.

It is also feelings, because those places that can give me a chill and much needed pause when my life is getting too hectic; those that let me catch my breath and make me re-think my life and the choices I made or am about to make, evoke them.

Home is a loaded concept and so many things. It’s not as simple as a house, or even a city. It’s a combination of a lot of things held together by familiarity.

I’ve driven down this highway so many times and yet it still hits me every damn time. I guess, I’m simply grateful for all of the above and also feeling a little bit nostalgic at this point in time. I do know where I belong and home is where the heart is.

I could take this to mean that I’m at home wherever I am because I carry my heart with me all the time always but that’s not true. My heart is connected to so many things which all make up home for me. And never do I feel more connected than when I’m surrounded by pretty nature of which we have so much around here. If only it came with a lake.

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  • Such a beautiful post! You’ve summed up so many things that I love about coming home to my adorable little town and quirky neighborhood full of loving people and fond memories. YOU MADE ME NOSTALGIC, AND I HAVEN’T EVEN GONE ANYWHERE, haha. <3

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      Awww, yay for nostalgia! I also live in a quirky little town where people have known me for forever and they ask about my family when I go to the market on Saturday mornings.

  • Tim

    I’m fairly positive home isn’t a place as much as it is a concept for me. To me, home is wherever I feel comfortable. Frankly, there haven’t been that many places in the past where that’s been the case. That said, I’d like to think it’s something I’m slowly finding.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      Home is mostly a feeling to me, like you, I need to feel comfortable there. I’ve always had that though which is very comforting to know, even though I wasn’t always aware of it.