it’s cheesy and silly and i love it

This afternoon when I came home from work I was tired and didn’t know what to do. I felt really meh and just wanted a pick me up. I could have watched some Veronica Mars but didn’t feel like that so instead I decided to check out MTV’s Faking It. And boy was I underprepared!

I knew about the show since it came out earlier this year but I was hesitant because surely anything MTV produced couldn’t be good. Oh, silly me!

While Faking It may not be the best thought out show, it’s fun and cheesy and unlike Pretty Little Liars, it doesn’t drag its shit out. It’s a a High School dramedy much, much gayer than Glee could ever be. Seriously. And so far, the first 9 seasons have been better than all of Glee, especially for the LGBTQ representation but let me elaborate.

Karma and Amy are nobodies in their school, which is super progressive and supportive even though it’s in the heart of Texas so they decide to fake being lesbians in order to become popular. Only, one of them realises she actually has feelings for her best friend while her best friend is in love with a boy who is only interested in her because she is a lesbian. This sounds terrible but the show is pretty self-aware of what it is and what it’s doing. I laughed a LOT during the last 3-ish hours as I binge watched all the episodes. I had a blast and also spammed everyone’s Twitter timeline because that’s how I roll when I have opinions and stuff. #sorrynotsorry

The show has been really progressive in a way that I’m so unfamiliar with. I haven’t been keeping up with MTV for a long time but I do wish a show like this would have been around when I was a teen. All we had was The Real World XYZ. But this show is inclusive not only on sexual orientations of all kinds, gender identities but also people of colour. While the two main girls are white females, there are a bunch of characters with various racial backgrounds which is a nice thing. But not only that, they have not straight people of colour which is something worth pointing out even though it’s sad things like that still are squee-worthy.

Of course it’s a teenage dramedy but having been watching PLL, The OC and Glee (well not recently for Glee but I watched enough), this isn’t even the worst kind. Who knew MTV produce something of this quality?! I sure as hell know, I didn’t expect this!

The show hasn’t made me roll my eyes or really utilised any typical tropes. It wasn’t groan worthy like so much of Glee and has been pretty realistic in the way a high school dramedy on MTV can even be. There are so many of us who fall for their best friend at one point or another and often, that friend doesn’t love you back the way you love them. That’s life, it’s just nice to see this play out between two female best friends.

Then there is also the fall out to coming out to your very republican parents who just can’t reconcile this news about you with their own expectations, or at least not immediately. It happens all the damn time, heck, I haven’t come out to my family because of various reasons. Faking It is doing a lot of things right, is what I’m saying. And it shows teenagers a positive image.

In the season 2 premiere, one of the characters comes out as intersex and her frenemy tells her that is nothing to be ashamed of.

Shane: I’m not going to tell anyone, Lauren. None of us will. I promise.
Lauren: You say that now but someday you’ll want to humiliate me.
Shane: And I will. But not about this. Because I don’t think there’s anything humiliating about what you told us. But clearly you do. You gotta work on that if you want to be happy.

This is probably the best thing he could say at that particular moment and I love the show for going there.

Now I’m desperately waiting for more episodes because they are entertaining little bursts of rainbows. Like I said, this is still not the best show by far, but it has it’s moments. I do hope they will not go yes-no-yes with the whole Karma-Amy relationship indefinitely but I actually don’t think they will. Both girls have great chemistry with each other but I don’t see it playing out right now. Judging from what I just saw, I don’t think they will drag things out way too long but who knows. One thing I do know is that I will be here watching it.

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