Disney (Wednes)Day: Dinosaur

In 2000 Disney released Dinosaur, being the second movie in that year. This one I actually saw in the cinema back in the day and I remember that I felt very positive about it though my memory on anything going on in the movie is a bit hazy, ahem. Methinks it’s time for a rewatch.

The opening shot is a bit weird, it looks like the baby dinosaur (?) is still in the womb or something. 26-year-old me thinks this is pretty yucky. The voice over voice overs something about some things starting out small, some big blah blah. Who knows if this will be relevant later, but, umm, yeah, I didn’t really catch that. Aaaaand now I know for sure it was a foetus we were looking at but it was in an egg because dinos come from eggs, duh!Stupid rookie mistake. There is a devote dino ma around to take care of her eggs.

Then we get so see a lot of dinosaurs. One of the smaller dinos is on the trail of something in the jungle/forest/whatever when it sees a big scary dinosaur and starts to run away. Good thinking.

We get a chase scene because obvi. The dino ma tries covering up her eggs to protect them from the wandering herd of dinosaurs trampling over her. This isn’t going to end well. The small dino that was running away gets eaten, womp womp. Another one steals one of th eggs and takes it into the jungle with it. It tries to eat the egg but loses it while fighting over the egg with another dino. The egg lands in the water where it gets transported downstream and ends up in a completely different place until  flying dino picks it up to transport it even further away. I think a lot of this is to show us how great they were at making scenery in this movie, IDK.

The egg gets lost again (ugh) but ends up in another part of the jungle. I have no idea how much ground we have covered at this point but there are no dinosaurs around but apes. Well, I call them apes because the scientific name Wikipedia calls them is just not doing to for me. And this is also the moment they start to talk in this movie, thankfully.

Just as a female ape gets close to the egg, it starts hatching. The male ape calls the baby dangerous but his daughter/wife/who knows says it isn’t dangerous, it is a baby. As he keeps insisting she hands over the baby dino for him to take care of it but looking at the little sucker, he can’t do it either and they take it upon themselves to raise it.

Next up we see the grown up dino, names Aladar. He is playing with his ape friends and it is adorable. Aladar goes to meet up with his brother who is rehearsing pick up lines because that night there will be some epic mating thing going on. Something like that.

The dino/ape field trip is under way and it’s flirting season. Told you! But Aladar’s brother does’t get any action because he seems to not have a way with the ladies. I feel you, bro. Anyway, we cut back to the family.

They witness light things falling from the sky which at first I thought was a volcano erupting but as they show more of it, you can tell it’s a meteor hitting earth. Father Ape smells something and says something is wrong. They watch a BIG GIGANTIC piece of meteor hit the sea, prompting a tsunami so everyone panics!!

Our ape family starts to run and by that I mean Aladar is running while carrying them on his back because he as the advantage with his bigger body and all. Even he has problems though. Eventually they have to land in the ocean but fear not because the cool dino brings everyone to land. Looking around them, they see that everything is ruined.

Apparently they also jumped a bit, because they are now around mean little dines so they have to run some more. Man, being a dinosaur sure wasn’t fun and involved a LOT of running away from stuff.

Next up, a sand storm seems to be going on and our family has gotten themselves in the midst of a dinosaur trek. Aladar has a meet cute with a female dinosaur that looks like himself so we all know this is his future dino girlfriend.

Papa Ape says something about not joining the dines because they are bad and could eat them but as the mean little dinos are behind them, they join. They make friends with a very old Baylene and Eema who explain us that they are on their way to the Nesting Grounds. They believe that part of earth was untouched by the meteor hit. The herd is led by Kron and Bruton, both of whom are not nice fellows. Incidentally, Aladar’s future dino gf is Kron’s sister. Because that will make things easier #sarcasm

Baylene says Kron is leading them mercilessly, this rubs Aladar the wrong way but he restrains himself from acting upon it.

Under the relentless sun they all keep marching on through day and night without water. A lot seem to not be able to make it much longer and Aladar keeps Baylene and Eema motivated, pushing them when needed.

Cut to the big evil dines from way in the beginning of the movie. They are also following the herd because we need more action than just possible starvation.

Then the herd gets all giddy because they are close to the lake they usually rested at but womp, womp, it has dried up.

Kron sends Bruton out as a scout to see if there is water anywhere in their vicinity. His sister argues with Kron because he wants them to go on but they have never gone this long without water. A lot of the herd will not make it but Kron says that as long as he can save half of them, that’s better than losing all. I partially understand this reasoning but I still hate him. He is not a nice guy.

Baylene doesn’t want to give up and by accident, Aladra and the seniors discover water. HUZZAH! The entire herd rushes to the water and soaks it in.

Aladar always being Mr. Nice Dino and also being good with kids helps two young dinos of the herd finally getting some water themselves. Seeing this, Future Dino GF comes over to talk to him. They flirt some more and it’s cute.

The Evilsaurs are still behind them, so the herd starts moving way too soon. Aladar tries to reason with Kron because the seniors can’t keep up with the pace but Kron DGAF so Aladar stays with them. Great, now I have old people feels, thanks a lot.

Next up, there is thunder and lightning.

The senior ape gang runs into Bruton who has been wounded. He is a little shit so on they others go into the caves.

The Evilsaurs are close, they follow them into the cave and with the fighting or whatever, part of the cave collapses, trapping the senior ape gang inside. This all seems hopeless but the movie isn’t over yet so there needs to be a way out. Bruton who has followed them into the cave after all seems to be dead but I’m not sure.

Cut to the herd who is still marching on but at what cost. Their way is littered with dead ones, so sad. This is a fucking terrible kids movie.

Back in the cave, they are not giving up and with their combined efforts, they find a way to break through the barrier and BOOM! They are in the promised land of green and water! WHEEE! They can also see that the normal way in is blocked which is a bummer for the herd because they can’t get over it.

Aladar is with the herd now, telling them of the way through the cave but Kron doesn’t listen and wants to take his way even though it looks impossible. So they fight and fighting scenes are boring. In the end, Future Dino GF gets into it and the thing is broken up.

On their way to the caves, one Evilsaur is after them but they stick up for themselves and fight him. Good for you, guys! Kron on the other hand is alone and gets attacked and killed. I am not too sad about that.

The rest of the herd makes it to safety and everything is good.

We come full circle as the movie ends with a shot of a similar to the beginning picture of eggs only this time they are of Aladar and his now partner formerly known as Future Dino GF. Everything is well that ends well.

The end.

I’m not sure why Mini!Me was that into the movie. It’s not bad but I was also really into it. I guess the animation was just a lot more powerful 14 years ago in comparison to today. Plus, the story is pretty bleak, there is starvation, fighting and all around misery. A good movie but one I don’t need to rewatch any time soon.

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  • EmilyHornburg

    So here’s your shock of the day: this is one I haven’t seen! Yup. There’s a Disney movie I haven’t watched and honestly… IDK if I want to see this one. It never seemed that spectacular to me.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      I can totally understand why you didn’t see it. It doesn’t feel like Disney to me and that was probably the reason I watched it as a kid? I’m not sure. Upon re-watch I didn’t like it too much so no reason to watch it imo.