Disney (Wednes)Day: The Tigger Movie

First things first, sorry for not posting a recap last week but life was busy and I was hanging out with The Internet but I’m back from this short hiatus with The Tigger Movie which was released in 2000. I can’t believe I only have 14 more years to cover but still almost a year to go because there are so many movies. Back to this one though.

The film starts off with Tigger being annoyed that every story is always about Pooh and I get it. The real life shot of a room becomes the animated world we know and love with Tigger bouncing around. He visits Pooh, then Piglet and the Kangas. He is looking for a bouncing partner but none of his friends are too keen on the whole thing. Ms Kanga for instance just doesn’t have the tome for it. So Tigger just bounces around some more on his own.

Unfortunately though he dislocates a big rock worth his bouncing which obviously has to land on Eeyore’s home because that donkey just has lots of bad luck.

In the next shot, everyone but Tigger is trying to remove that rock with a very difficult mechanism but Pooh’s seams open in the back, he lets go of the wire and everything goes wrong. But fear not because Tigger comes around to do some super mega fancy bounce and it dislodges the rock but they all end up in the muddy pond. The folks are not too pleased with this turn out and are a bit cross with him. Tigger sads away because people just don’t know how to appreciate his bouncy nature. Instead, he sings a song because that’s what Tiggers do.

Tigger seems to have the blues bad though. Roo tries to cheer him up and you can tell that he really wants to be Tigger’s bouncing partner but Tigger doesn’t catch on to it. Some way the land on the subject of family because Roo has his mother and Tigger wonders if there are other Tiggers out there who also bounce around and such.

The drop by the owl and OMG this is the first Disney Owl Shot since Pocahontas in 1995. To be honest, I had forgotten there was Pocahontas in between and thought the last one of those was in the 80s. Five years is not as impressive a time as the alternative seemed but still, there have been considerably less owls in Disney movies which makes me sad. Moving on.

At Owl’s place they try to learn more about families and if Tigger has relatives somewhere. Owl keeps talking about his own family and family tree so that Tigger thinks he has to look for an actual Tigger tree. Honest mistake if you ask me. So Tigger is off looking for his family tree with Roo right beside him. Sweet.

Cut to the others trying to rebuild a house for Eeyore. Rabbit has not done a very good job with it and Eeyore thinks so too.


But fear not because Tigger comes bouncing through, destroying the shed. *facepalm* They are only on their way through though until Tigger finds an abandoned tree with a house on it. He goes through the stuff that is still in it and imagines the things to be his families.

Meanwhile Roo wants to learn how to do that super duper mega cool bounce. Tigger is reluctant to teach him because he is no Tigger and also too young for it. Nevertheless, the lesson happens.

Cut to Eeyore showing Pooh and the rest Tigger’s family he just found. Turns out it’s a pond with toads but they are bouncing and have stripes so legit choice seems legit.

Back to Tigger who meanwhile has written a letter to his lost family. He puts it in the mailbox where the wind takes it up to everywhere and nowhere. Apparently that’s how mail works in the Pooh universe, good to know.

Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore are underway searching for Tigger’s family as well. Obviously Pooh gets side-tracked by honey. In order to get to it though, he has to sing the bees a lullaby and it’s so sweet. (Get it? Because honey is sweet..I’ll see myself out now.)

Time jump to a wintery day in this universe. Still no words from any fellow Tiggers, this must suck. Roo is with Tigger but he has to go home because it’s late or something. In his room, he tries practicing the mega super duper cool bounce but doesn’t succeed. Kanga comes in. Roo tells her he wishes he had an older brother just like Tigger to which his mom says that he doesn’t need that since he has Tigger. Now that’s so sweet. I actually love the sentiment of the whole movie but will talk about this more at the end. Tigger is their family and I nearly cry. So Roo tries to come up with a way to cheer Tigger up.

Pooh, Roo and Kanga as well as Piglet have all gathered at Owl’s place to write a letter to Tigger pretending they are his Tigger family. This could potentially end baldy but again, I love the thought. Because they all are family to each other.


Tigger obviously, is mighty happy when he gets the letter, thinking it’s actually from his family and that they are coming by soon. He starts decorating and renovating his tree house. The other’s don’t have the heart to tell him that they wrote the letter so they come up with a way to pretend they are Tiggers. They all dress up and sing a bit because what better way to become a Tigger than that, right?!

Rabbit takes this moment to rain on their parade though, alarming everyone because of the big storm heading their way. He accuses ten of being fools for not gathering wood and instead dressing up as Tiggers.

At the Tigger party, Tigger is too happy to notice that his friends are underneath the costumes until all the bouncing shows that they are only wearing costumes. He gets mad and leaves his home, out into the big bad storm. This is bad. The others go after him to look for him and get him back.

After a while, Tigger does find his family tree, or at least he thinks so. It’s really big and has snow on it that makes it look like it has Tigger stripes. He is so happy. Then an avalanche happens and he has to safe his friends who are taken by the snow masses. He saves them all but can’t save himself so Roo utilises his mega super duper bounce lesson and propels through the snow and saves Tigger in the end. HUZZAH!

Christopher Robins comes by to talk to his friends. Tigger informs us that he lost his letter from his family but all the others quote their lines that they had Owl write and he realises that his friends are his family. To say thank you, Tigger gives Eeyore a new and very comfortable home, Pooh gets honey, Piglet all the wood he can possibly need and even Roo gets his wish. He and Tigger are like brothers and they take a family portrait together to put in the locket Tigger gave Roo.

The End.

You guys, I love the message of the movie and I love Tigger because he is such a happy nature. Of course I also love Pooh because who can’t love a big fat bear with a sweet tooth right? It’s so cool they actually go the route of telling you that family can be many things. It doesn’t have to be people (or animals) who look like us. We do have a say in who we consider out family regardless of what blood says. Maybe this resonates with me so much because I have been struggling with the concept of blood is thicker than water myself. My family is fine but they don’t always seem like a good fit. Getting to pick the one I care for myself seems so much more applicable to me. Okay, enough of my rambling.


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  • Tim

    Tigger is by far my favorite Disney character of all time. Granted, I have a small bias here because my grandma used to read me the A.A. Milne books about Winnie the Pooh as a kid, but still. Tiggers are wonderful things.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      Tiggers truly are wonderful things. Es is Pooh, I love the fatty bear dearly, they are such cute characters!

  • Vanessa

    As much as I love Winnie the Pooh and all his friends, I’ve never seen this movie. I should rectify that. Tigger and Eeyore are my favourites I think.
    And I hope you had as good a time with ‘The Internet’ as it did!

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      Tigger and Eeyore are fantastic though I also have a very soft spot for Pooh and yes, you should get onto watching this. Ha, yes, I had a blast with the INTERNET!