#VEDA take 2

So, I went to sleep on August 31st and when I woke up, it was suddenly September. I know, I know, that’s what’s supposed to happen but still, I can’t believe it is September already! Where has the time gone? What even happened in August? Everything is a blur and so many things…omg. This is a long winded way of saying I participated in VEDA again last month even though I was very hesitant about it.

Last year, when I did it for the first time, I wasn’t working full time; I had lots of time on my hands but this year it was different. Though I’m glad I did it again because VEDA is not only addictive but also really fun. The weblogwevlog community is awesome and how could I not partake when two of my bloggy friends were running the show this year?! I mean, come on!

Looking up last year’s post mortem post, I realised that my opinion on a couple of things did change, like background music in videos. I like it now, as long as it’s only instrumental and not too loud. I even started implementing it in my own videos and have loved the result.

I am, however, still an impatient little shit and have learned to value brevity even more this month. I tried keeping my videos all under 3 minutes and found that it has been a good choice. You can ramble a lot on camera and with some people, I don’t mind but in general, I think brevity is a nice thing. Especially when there are like a bazillion videos to watch every day. So my best tip for everyone making vlogs is, learn how to edit and don’t be afraid to cut a lot of you stuff out. Keep it short and concise, people will like you for it. Not that there aren’t times for long vlogs because certain topics can’t be talked about in 2-3 minutes but it works for the majority.

This is also a slight apology for not being around much this month. I had a blast on the internet, I was just not doing a lot on here or catching up with other blogs. Life is hard, especially with so many things to keep on top of.

If you have about an hour, you can go through my VEDA videos of this year. Some of them are really amusing, if I dare say so myself.

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  • cupitonians

    Uhh you are beeeeeautiful!

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      Hahaha, no I’m not but thanks anyway :)