Disney (Wednes)Day: Toy Story 2

This time I watched the second Toy Story film which was also the third theatrical release of 1999, what a busy year for Disney. And one that is still not over yet but spoiler. (Just kidding this isn’t really a spoiler but moving on.)

Toy Story 2 starts with Buzz Lightyear fighting a whole bunch of things and this looks weirdly not like real Toy Story life but a movie in the movie. The ground opens and closes over him again but fear not, because Buzz has a glow in the dark uniform. Awesome. He ultimately fights Zurg and dies. No worries though because this was actually a vieo game!

We are in Andy’s room and Woody is preparing to go to Cowboy camp with Andy but he has to find his hat first so that Andy will actually take him. The hat is easily found though, with the help of all the other toys. The dog is also looking for Woody and ultimately finds him so there is that.

Andy comes into his room and starts playing with Woody but he rips the seams of one of Woody’s arms a bit and decides to not take him to camp. WOMP WOMP!

Cut to Woody having a nightmare about his own fate but he wakes up in a very dusty room instead. This doesn’t make sense because I’m sure Andy’s mother would regularly clean the room despite her son being away at camp because why the hell not? Anyway. Woody starts talking to Wheezy the penguin who hasn’t gotten his wheezing plug repaired but fears to be thrown out instead. Also, all the dust i heavy on his wheezing.

The toys notice a yard sale initiated by Andy’s mother who comes in the room to collect things to sell and she tales Wheezy. NOOOOOOOO! That’s also the other toys reaction and Woody calls for the dog to take him on his rescue mission to the yard sale. It all looks well but then Woody falls off the dog and a girl finds him and I hold my breath if she convinces her father to buy the doll but they don’t. Then a collector comes upon Woody and even though Andy’s mom tells him no, the doll isn’t on sale, he can’t take no for an answer and STEALS WOODY! That is not cool, do you hear me Mr.?!

Buzz tries to go after Woody who went after Wheezy but can’t keep up so Woody is lost. Instead Woody is taken to this weird place with a “No children allowed”-sign up front so we all know he is not a nice man.

Meanwhile the other toys are working on reconstructing the crime scene and it’s adorable.  They don’t seem to get anywhere until Buzz figures out what the license plate stands for. It’s the Chicken Man whose commercial they saw on TV earlier (and which I forgot to mention because who knew that would be important later on).

Cut to the Chicken Man’s apartment/whatever. Woody tries to make a run for it but a Woody!Girl turns up and is very enthusiastic. She is a bit heavy on the OMG ALL THE EXCITEDS!!! There is also a horse and an old farmer who is still in the box he came in because apparently Woody was a big TV star thousands of years ago and the are all collectibles. Isn’t that grand?

At Andy’s the toys flip through the channels to figure out where they needed to go to get Woody back and sure enough they come about a Chicken Man commercial.

Woody watches the last of his episodes because the show was cut after it though it is not really a finale which sucks, I know. I’ve been there, buddy. Jessie, the female Woody, explains to him what will happen, now that they are a complete set of collectibles; they will be sold to a museum in Japan. Obviously Woody is not a fan of that because Andy. He explains how he still has an owner and Jessie goes all sad/mad because she can’t go through going back into the darkness of being back in storage again. This sucks for both parties.

Chicken Man comes in and something happens that I don’t remember anymore, whoops. Either way, Woody ends up trying to steal his now dislocated arm back from Chicken Man but ends up fighting with Jessie some more and not leaving.

The toy troops are moving in closer to where Woody is.



Woody is getting a complete make over by an old man.

Buzz and the rest of the gang make it to the store where Buzz comes upon a whole aisle of himself. This must be weird. He also finds one of his kind on display and goes to grab his new utility belt but the toy attacks him and we learn that he actually thinks himself Buzz like we know our Buzz did in the last movie. They fight and Our Buzz ends up in a box whereas the New Buzz takes over for him with the rest of the gang.

Back at the apartment, Jessie sings a sad song about having an owner once and oi. She tells him he can leave but in the end, he decides against it because Andy will grow up eventually and not care about him anymore.

The Chicken Man is in negotiations with Japan about the price and all that stuff. He also packs up the dolls. Then Buzz and gang get there.

There is a lot of back and forth that I am too lazy to recap. Our Buzz and New Buzz have a Buzz Off where obviously Our Buzz wins. Woody doesn’t want to leave and sends his rescue party away but then he changes his mind only the creepy farmer toy gets out and bolts them in. So another big part about getting Woody back from the transport to Japan follows.

Woody and Jessie end up going back to Andy’s house and they live there happily ever after (or until movie number 3). Even Wheezy got a new wheezing thing and it’s all good. Andy comes back from camp and is ecstatic about his new toys and he still loves Woody. Awww.

The end.

I think there was a lot less stuff going on here but to me that was a good thing. I actually enjoyed this one more than the first movie where Buzz and Woody were basically fighting all the time. I much prefer to see them all working together against a mutual enemy. I still won’t categorise the Toy Story franchise as one of my favourites from Disney but I actually laughed during this one which is s huge improvement!

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  • Vanessa

    Toy Story 2 is, to me, one of the best sequels out there. It could have gone the way of oh so many Disney straight to video sequels (and it had been destined to be one of those at first), but thankfully it got the theatrical release it did. It’s such a great film. Plus, if it hadn’t have been this good we wouldn’t have gotten the brilliance that is Toy Story 3!

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      I loved it way more than the first one and since TS3 only got a video release, I won’t have to watch that. There are just so many movies still to watch, it’s crazy and by now I’m already in 2000. As fun as this is, I also can’t wait for this little project to be over.

      • Vanessa

        Wait, Toy Story 3 only got a video release in your area? Because it was huge theatrically everywhere else. In my humble opinion you definitely need to watch that one!

        • Wilhelmina Upton

          Whoops, my bad. TS3 didn’t come out until 2010 and I didn’t see it in my list but it is there. Yes, big theatrical release blah blah. I apologise though I was kind of looking forward to not having to watch another one of those, ahem.