TTT – blogging confessions

Oh, what’s that? It’s Tuesday again which means linking up with The Broke and the Bookish for a Top Ten Tuesday. Today’s topic is all about confessing stuff.


1) I haven’t been to a library to check out books for leisure reading since sometime around 6th grade.

2) I peek at the end of books or chapters all the damn time. I like knowing what’s ahead, which is why living is so unsatisfying sometimes, you can’t just peek at the next part of it to know what comes up next. I know it’s okay and the way it should be, because what if you’d see something in your future you wouldn’t like, but it still drives me crazy. Nobody said I was sane.

3) I’m rather uncomfortable while reading than breaking the spine of a book. I even made bestfriendboy obey to my book rules when he constantly forgot his edition of The Perfume in 11th grade German Lit.

4) Despite being sceptical in the beginning, I’m enjoying my eReader immensely. It’s thin, light and really handy.

5) The books I re-read can be counted on one hand.

6) Even as a kid I sucked at reading comics because I didn’t care for the drawings and would always go straight for the words. Then I was upset when I didn’t get the story and had to go back to check out the drawings. I don’t understand how one is supposed to read comics. Either I read the words or I look at the pictures.

7) I’m a big cover snob; it’s the first thing I judge about a book.

8) I hate genres, putting books into these categories often doesn’t seem useful to me and some categories are awful. I’m more into broader descriptions, like fiction, non-fiction. I hate the words chick lit and sick lit.

9) There are never enough diverse characters. Never.

10) My books are not neatly organised by author or whatever you can organise your books by. Instead they are grouped together according to height first, then author if it fits. This is a crazy system but I can’t stand looking at my shelves all uneven just because certain editions are different heights.

So those are my 10 book related blogging confessions. What about you? Any bookish pet peeves?

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