’cause i’m broken when i’m lonesome

I have mentioned a couple of times on here how I believe stories have a way of finding you when you are ready to understand what they are teaching you or simply need them at that moment. It happens with books from time to time for me but is not limited to those. Sometimes it even happens with TV shows.

I was reminded of this when bestfriendboy and I watched some episodes of Go On again. It’s a show about a transition/support group full of ‘crazy’ but very loveable characters. I think I started watching it because of Matthew Perry but that’s not why I stayed with the show and I was heartbroken when NBC axed it after just one season.

They deal with loss and the aftermath of losing people in your life that are important but it’s never a show that gets you down; quite the opposite actually. It makes you cry from laughter while still being serious when it needs to be. That is a dance not every who knows how to dance but like Scrubs, Go On knew how to walk the walk.

When I first started watching the show a couple of episodes had aired in 2012. It was September,  I has just gotten back from Canada, my Mom had passed away and I was hiding from the general public until life started to make sense again and I felt it in me to move on slowly. Go On was my companion throughout the first few months.

The episodes were my support group meetings and I may not even have seen it like that at the time but it is true. With some distance, I do see it now. With laughter and some pulling on m heartstrings, they helped me fill the emptiness inside me.

You may think this is silly but it was such a coincidence for me to find this show right when it was extremely relevant to my life. I did the stress eating, just like Ryan. I still get mad and it took me about 6 months to not feel angry with my Mom just like Anne gets angry at her deceased wife still. These weird, loveable creatures mirrored my feelings and I’m still mad at NBC for taking away one of the best lesbian characters on TV, Anne.

Seriously, that woman was gold and probably the person I end up being if I ever marry and have kids. She is sassy, snarky and smart. She swears but has a lot to offer and what is most important about her characters is that she never gets treated less. The loss of her wife is treated the same way Ryan’s loss is treated and they bond over it. It’s 2014 and this still is a majorly important thing to point out.

There is only one season of feels and laughs to immerse myself in but at least it’s a great season, one that was there when I needed it. And seriously, how many TV shows are actually relevant to your life like that?

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