Disney (Wednes)Day: A Goofy Movie

Welcome to the year 1995 in which it was apparently a good idea to make a movie about Goofy and Max. Goofy was always Mickey’s sidekick to me and I never experienced him much on his own, let alone as a father to Max. So here we go, A Goofy Movie.

The movie opens with a shot of a corn field and we hear some girl voice calling “Max, Maaaaax…” so obviously his head has to pop up on screen next. Max goes looking for where the voice is coming from finds a girl on this weird statue thingy. Then they start looking at each other and flirting and this is so obviously a dream sequence… Just when they’re about to kiss each other, Max morphs into Goofy and wakes up to his phone ringing. What a weird dream.

On the phone is a friend asking why he isn’t at school yet. Max realises he overslept and tries to get dressed in a hurry. Goofy comes in dressed in a towel and offers good parent advice that is not needed at this point because OMG HAVE TO BE AT SCHOOL. Though Max could have accepted that ride to school Goofy offered unless e would have had to wait for Goofy to get dressed. Somehow I get the feeling Goofy is not the most speedy person.

While walking to school, Max starts singing because this is Disney and if you don’t sing, you’re nobody! A lot of other kids join in and I’m just amazed by how much energy these teenagers seem to have so early in the morning, phew.

After the song ends, Max finds himself in close proximity to his crush, Roxanne who is also the girl from his dream. Sweet. Only, he messes up and only talks gibberish in front of her. I want to say we have all been there but that would be lying on my part.

Max meets a friend at his locker and gets handed a camera and some more equipment.

At the last day of school school assembly, an overachieving girl is delivering a small speech, inviting everyone to her party at the end of it. Then the principal takes over monologuing some boring shit that no kid has ever cared about. Meanwhile Rox gets approached by a guy and Max can only watch and be anxious over his secret plan working or not.

Then the back of the stage gets taken away to reveal a big screen with a projection starting. It only works fine for a moment because this is Max and he messes it up but also saves himself from too much embarrassment by just rolling with it. Roxanne seems to be liking what she sees until the principal busts Max. Womp, womp.

Cut to Goofy at his job which apparently is taking pictures of babies. Oh boy. At least he really is good at it. He swallows a rubber duck, you know, like people do. Then he has a heart to heart with his boss who also seems to have a son in Max’ age only their views on parenting differ greatly.

School for Awesome Stunts. Max is waiting in front of the principals office when Roxanne walks by. She starts talking to him after getting encouraged by her overachieving class president friend. Rox compliments Max on his dance moves and the bond over liking the same band, Powerline. AWWWWW. Max asks her out to the end of the year party and she says yes and he is over the moon. So cute. So, so cute. Being caught in the moment, Max starts dancing with the secretary because that’s how happy he is. The principal, however, is not amused and calls Goofy whose name apparently is Mr. Goof. Odd.

Principal explains to Goofy how Max is behaving dangerously and practically already has one foot in jail or something equally exaggerating. After this depressing rundown of events, Goofy has the sadz until a fisher bobble head catches his attention and he gets an idea. Probably not a good one.

Back at school, Max is now HOT STUFF after his little rebellion show, so he gets another musical number as a reward. It sounds very late 80s early 90s and gosh it gives me all the childhood feels! While the music plays out, he makes his way home to find his dad packing up the care. Umm, okay. Secret fishing trip for two coming up. Obviously Max is far from happy.

Max tries to explain why he does’t want to go on an all summer long trip with his father but in the end, Goofy pulls the guilt trip and Max agrees. Goofy tries to explain how he only means well but Max is having none of it. He remembers he has to talk to Roxanne so they swing by her house.

Apparently Rox’ dad is a bulldog or something, very protective of his pretty little girl. Max explains why he can’t take her to the party later but makes up a lie because saying you’re going on a fishing trip with your dad is just not cutting it. Instead he invents a story where Goofy knows Powerline and the are driving to LA so they can be on stage together. Gullible Rox obviously believes this story. He even goes as far as telling her he will wave to her from stage. Oh you shovelled your own grave there, honey!

On the trip, Goofy tries his best to engage with Max but he is being a usual unresponsive teenager. Then there is a song about Max not wanting to be on the trip. At one point they pass a hitchhiking Mickey and Donald, whoohoo.

Special Place in Murder County. The arrive at a weird setting where they are going to watch a terrible puppet show. I feel your pain, Max, I really do! Afterward a guy dressed as a possum tries to be all friendly and YEEHAA with Max but he is having none of it. I wouldn’t either.

Goofy is right in his element, wanting to take a picture with possums and Max. They don’t but end up dancing together while everyone else is watching them. This is weird. Later, when they are finally leaving, Max throws a temper tantrum and you can see how much it is hurting Goofy. God, this movie gives me so many feels!

Random Camping Ground in the Woods. Goofy is setting up their very small tent when a big camper basically drives over him. And who does this monstrosity belong to?! Goofy’s boss who is there camping with his son as well. Max is happy to finally see someone he can connect with. Apparently his Powerline lie made the rounds and everyone knows about it. Oh goody.

Goofy and Boss Guy are having another parenting talk and again I want to punch Boss Guy in the face! Goofy declines their dinner invite much to Max’ dismay but Goofy firmly puts his foot down and they go fishing instead.

While fishing, they don’t attract fish but Bigfoot, whoopsie! They flee to their car whereas the other father son duo gets in the camper and off they go. That was basically Goofy’s plan ¬†as well only he lost his keys and they are stuck there at the mercy of Bigfoot.

Some time later, they are hungry and trying to heat up alphabet soup with a cigarette car lighter and I can only laugh at that attempt. But this is Disney and so they can enjoy a nice hot can of soup. In the background, Bigfoot does some Saturday Night Fever dancing. I can’t even with that.

Goofy and Max do some bonding over alphabet soup because Max used to spell out words for him when he was younger. That’s sweet. Then he spells “Hi Dad” and hands it over to Goofy. FEELS!

They try to sleep only Max is kept awake by the snoring of Goofy and Bigfoot. Awesome. Instead he finds the secret map of where they’re going. He sneakily changes the destination to LA.

At a Diner, they are having breakfast after apparently escaping Bigfoot. Okay. Max is only playing with his food instead of eating it. He also keeps ogling the map next to Goofy so G declares him the official trip navigator, thinking that’s what he wants. HE IS TRYING SO HARD!

Montage of lots of family fun times being had.

At the Neptune Inn (I wonder if it is close to Neptune High), Goofy’s boss once again drops by. Does this guy have a tracker on Goofy or what? I don’t get how they always manage to pop back in. Anyway, Boss Guy takes Goofy aside and tells him not to let himself be fooled by the nice guy act Max seems to be pulling at the moment. Ugh. What a gigantic douce canoe.

They are having a hot tub heart to heart, I wish I was making this stuff up but I’m not. Boss Guy overheard Max telling his son about changing the route to LA so he is telling this to Goofy. You ASSHOLE!

Goofy still believes in the good but once the seed of doubt is planted in his mind…

Back on the road an important junction is coming up and Max has to make the decision to go left or right. He goes for left and Goofy is pissed. They stop shortly thereafter. Max wants to come clean but Goofy isn’t letting him. Then their car is rolling away so hey go chasing after it.

Eventually they manage to catch up with the car, only to fall into a big river between some canyon. They passive aggressively fight and reveal their issues. Now this is good and therapeutic! It also gives me ALL THE FEELS, again.

The car is floating along with both of them on the rooftop. They haven’t sung in a while and just when I thought that, they start to. Max reveals his Powerline lie so Goofy, ever the good parent, says they have to do it now. Just then, the river reaches a waterfall.

There is a weird and elaborate montage of how they do not drown in the waterfall.

Powerline concert. The Goofs made their way inside by hiding in instrument bags. We cut to Roxanne and her friends huddling in front of a TV watching intently. First Goofy manages to end up on stage an slater Max does too. There is no security escorting them away and Powerline seems to be cool with it as well.

The Goofs get home in their beat up car. How did that car survive the river escapade and still work? Magic.

At Roxanne’s house, Max and her talk about his appearance on stage but he explains her everything. She doesn’t care and always liked him, Guys, this is so adorable, I can’t even. They kiss and everything is teenage love and nothing hurts.

The End.

I’m not sure if the whole bottle of vanilla coke I drank is responsible for it but I really, really enjoyed A Goofy Movie. It was utterly relatable for me and I could understand both sides; Goofy trying to be a old parent and bonding with his son while Max was mostly embarrassed by all of it until he understood how important his dad still is to him. I would definitely watch this again!

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  • Return to the ’80s (Paul)

    I had never seen this movie. I was aware of it when it came out because I loved Goofy, but it didn’t seem like something I would like. I loved his “How To” movies, like “How to Play Baseball”, “How to Fish”, “How to Ski”, and so many more. But this movie sounds really cute. I’ll have to check it out if I can find it, or see that it’s going to be on TV.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      In the beginning I was expecting to totally not like this movie but it turned out really well in my opinion. I can emphasise with both parties which is lots more than I can say for other movies.