early teenage angst

I thought recording myself while reading some of my angst-lonely teenage poetry was a good idea. Maybe this will turn out to not be as fun as I think it is but here it is, nonetheless, me reading some of my crappy poetry for you to make fun of.

I guess in some ways I changed and others I didn’t change so much. Also, sorry for using ‘terrible’ so much, I should have looked up synonyms for it before I started recording, ahem.

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  • ClĂ©ment Polge

    First of all, I miss a lot of vlog so maybe that’s nothing new, but I love the setting compared to early days VEDA, that bookshelf is very colored and you just look great, i would say “glowing”, but that sounds like something you say to a pregnant woman :p

    And that is indeed some pretty bad poetry, it was hilarious :p I did like the butterfly one though, at least the beginning, it was a pretty thing about the ephemeral, but the “I’M FEELING SAD” kinda destroyed the mood :p reminded me of that Futurama line: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFBhR4QcBtE

    Also, I’d actually love to hear some of your poetry in German, not that I speak the language, like, AT ALL, but I’m just curious about the sound of it :)

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      I agree, the setting is pretty neat and I will have to remember it for future vlogs.

      I actually recorded one in German but then cut it because the video was already kinda long. Maybe I will manage to put the clip up sometime next week or so.

  • cupitonians


    • Wilhelmina Upton

      I love how terrible these all are :D