The downfall of Bering and Wells

I’m quite the excessive series junkie which should come as a shock to approximately no one reading this because it’s not news. If there is something to flail about, I flail hard and thanks to the INTERNET I stumble into a new fandom every other week. Maybe not that often but like, a lot.

Why am I telling you all of this? Earlier this year, I fell in love with this show called Warehouse 13, it ran for 5 seasons and recently saw its last episode of ever which makes me sad but also sad because season 5 was…well, let’s just forget it ever happened.

Basically Warehouse 13 is a bit sci-fi meets buddy cop show. It’s about a secret warehouse (with the number 13, duh!) that’s located in South Dakota and run by Secret Service agents. Its objective is to find and neutralise dangerous artefacts that can cause serious problems for unknowing people, mainly everyone except those few agents. It really was a pretty great show and I had lots of problems with the last season which is why I am going to vomit my ranting all over here.

Basically Warehouse 13 has a very steam punkish feel to it which is only intensified by one of my favourite characters from the show, H.G. Wells. Yes, the author, only the writers made her a woman and also a former Warehouse 12 agents and OH MY GOD that is the best decision they could have made (along with casting Jaime Murray for the role). Helena is not an easy character, she isn’t black or white but exists in all the grey areas of morals and life. She is not a series regular but drops in often enough to not be a forgotten side character either. Helena is mind bogglingly beautiful, crazy, fierce, independent, incredibly capable and also bisexual and from the 19th century.

Sci-fi in general is a good place for women, for strong and diverse female characters and this show is no different. We get Myka Bering, a Secret Service agent who is insanely smart and capable. Then there is also Claudia Donovan, hacker extraordinaire and all around whiz-kid. She is young but so clever and sarcastic and fun. I loved seeing them in action.

For 3 seasons we see Myka and H.G. flirting and falling in love with each other. The show doesn’t focus heavily on romance, it’s not that kind of show and even though the characters all have at least one romantic relationship play out on screen, it’s not the focus of the show. In fact, the actresses who play Myka and H.G. came up with the romance between their characters and I love them for it. Their romance doesn’t play out on screen, not really except for lingering looks and some remarks but everyone watching and even paying only a little bit of interest to the fandom knew they were canon. The actresses spoke on numerous occasions that their characters were in love with each other and definitely more than friends. This is so much more than other fandoms get (I’m looking at you Supernatural and Rizzoli & Isles).

3 seasons. Yeah. And then season 5 happened which threw all previous character development overboard and crashed every hope a fangirl could ever have. So far, I failed to mention Myka’s partner, fellow Secret Service agent Pete Lattimer. They were always portrayed as partners, like brother and sister and they had a fun dynamic going. I was actually really glad that for once, the two leading characters weren’t put into this Will-They-Won’t-They game until season 5 where Pete realises he is in love with Myka. I could have been fine with that. Yes, one character can develop feelings for another one but the other one doesn’t necessarily have to reciprocate such feelings but by the finale, Myka did and I still don’t get it. They were never shown as such a couple and then BOOM! we’re going to end the show with this.

It doesn’t make any sense! Yes, maybe I was watching with my Bering and Wells goggles but damn, Pete and Myka were always partners, friends, but never in L-O-V-E with each other.

Having Helena drop off the face of the earth starting a relationship with some guy was already tough enough for us shippers in season 4 but then to have her being in a relationship with another woman while Myka suddenly realises her oh-so intense feelings for Pete was too much for a final episode. I never expected Bering and Wells to ride into the sunshine together but this, this is not what anyone wanted.



















Basically, season 5 felt rushed. All of it. There was no storyline that didn’t feel awkward, pushed and rushed in my opinion and this taints the entire show for me. Because up until that point, it was a smart, sharp show with great characters. So I will not be watching season 5 in any future rewatches of the show because no. It wasn’t just the forced relationship of the main duo, but so much more that was terrible. And to have to hear that Helena was going out with a woman was just the stab in the heart and twist the knife on top of it all.

I get it, they only had 6 episodes to wrap everything up, which is not a lot of time but come on! It could have done a much better job at it!

Phew, it feels good to finally get this off my chest. Fandoms are weird and I get too invested with fictional characters but it’s also solo gooooood until it isn’t. I hope this made some sense, I tried to explain my complicated feelings.

Basically, it was really amazing to see two women just go with it, be in love without having to characterise and label it. Without making a big thing out of it and it would have sent such a great signal into this world, if they had really followed through with it. Helena was vocal about her bisexuality, yes, and that’s great. She was a fascinating character but would it have hurt anyone if Bering and Wells had gone from kinda-sorta-canon to full blown canon? I say no! Representation on TV of LGBTQ characters has gotten way better in recent years but it still isn’t enough and it’s kind of cruel to get it taken away after it was dangled in front of our eyes for so long.


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  • Vanessa

    Of course I agree with ALL of this! Pete and Myka were friends, sibling-esque for the whole run of the show, right up until practically the last episode. I mean, they even stressed so much that they didn’t like each other. UGH, so much anger towards how they basically negated four seasons worth of quality writing and a great friendship between the two of them.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      I think that’s what bothers me most, that they just sent 4 years of character development down the toilet. You don’t do that with such a great show.