Disney (Wednes)Day: Aladdin

It’s finally time to watch Aladdin. I know some of you are really looking forward to this and I can see why. This was the first movie Mini!Me ever saw in the cinema in 1992 for a birthday of one of the girls I went to kindergarten with. Not thatI remembered anything of what happened but that’s okay. My brain was very young back then. I also have a really soft soft-spot for the entire story because Aladdin was the first play I got to be part of at the theatre and a girl never forgets her first play. Enough nostalgia.

Aladdin starts with the song Arabian Nights (that I am very familiar with, since I have to sing it on stage this year but with different lyrics). A camel wanders through the desert and ends up in some city. The singer gives us some backstory and pulls out THE LAMP.

Cut to a dark man who waits on a dark night with a dark secret. A minion appears and hands Jafar something that he hen puts together and that guides his way to some panther look alike cave in the middle of nowhere. The minion is sent inside but the magical cave is having none of it and swallows him whole. Good riddance. Naturally, Jafar is not amused. Jafar is also sporting a parrot sidekick who is hella choleric.

Cut to Aladdin stealing some bread. He got a monkey sidekick of his own by the name of Abu. They get chased by the Palace Guards and of course have to sing a song because this is Disney and if the lead character doesn’t sing a song upon minutes of first appearing on screen, you know something is wrong.

Aladdin finally gets away and just when he wants to take a bite out of his bread loaf which he shared with Abu, some even poorer children look at him and he hands over his half. See, he is totes a good guy. With some reluctance, Abu does the same. Of course that means they are still hungry. Womp, womp.

On the street a supposedly husband for the Princess rides by. He insults Aladdin just to manifest what kind of a low life A is.

At night, Aladdin dreams of one day being rich because obviously. At the same time, Jasmine mourns her rich existence because it means living in a cage and no independent woman can take that shit for too long. She has her pet tiger to take care of her though. Whew, there are a lot of animals in this one. Jasmine’s father wants her to marry so she is taken care of (UGH) but also because the law dictates that the Princess is married by some specific time. Hokay. This sucks.

Jafar appears at the Palace to talk with the Sultan which means he hypnotises him to get what he wants. Jafar is such a douche canoe. Jafar uses this opportunity to rid the Sultan of his blue diamond because he needs that for something I have forgotten.

At night, Jasmine takes off from the Palace.

Cut to the market where she is approached by every marketer ever but she is having none of it. Of course Aladdin and Abu are watching her stroll the place and Aladdin has a moment of insta-love when he sees her. Jasmine, ever the kind soul herself, hands an apple from a stand to some hungry kids and leaves because she has no idea people need to pay for stuff. This gets the owner of said apple in a frenzy but don’t you worry, Aladdin is there to rescue the princess.

Somewhere Jafar is doing a nasty thing with what looks like the delphi oracle swallowed a sand clock. I have no idea what this is supposed to be but he’s got an eye on Aladdin for some reason.

Cut to Aladdin and Jasmine hanging out with each other. They talk about what it means to be rich, Aladdin shows her his view of the Palace. They talk about weddings and do some cute flirting until the almost kiss only to be interrupted by the Palace Guards. COME ON! Jasmine orders them to stand down because she is the Princess. But they are having none of it because they only take orders from Jafar so she says she has to take it up with him personally.

Aladdin is supposed to be beheaded. OH MY FEELS! At least Jasmine has her tiger to comfort her.

In the dungeons, Aladdin is by himself until Disguised!Jafar comes along to tell him about the cave and treasures. He offers Aladdin a way out of the dungeon of he gets the lamp for him. Off the go and inside Aladdin goes to look for the lamp. Old!Jafar says Aladdin can have everything else inside aside from the lamp. Oh sure, you cheating, lying bastard!

Inside the cave is enough gold to make Scrroge McDuck jealous and also a flying carpet. I’m sure that one comes in handy soon. It also knows where the lamp is. This is all too easy to Abu gets sidetracked by a big ruby and everything goes to hell. The cave starts crumbling and thank goodness they have the flying carpet to transport them out of there.

Aladdin hands the lamp to Old!Jafar who then pushes Aladdin back into the crumbling cave. Abi sneaks the lamp back before following Aladdin right before the cave is gone for good. SO MUCH DRAMA!

Short cut to sad Jasmine being sad.

Cut back to Aladdin in the cave without an entry. He’s sad he doesn’t have the lamp anymore but don’t worry because Abu has got your back, my friend. He pulls out the lamp and they insect it. Rub it the right way and a Genie comes out. WHEEEE! He explains the 3 wishes stuff with the exceptions of (1) you can’t wish for someone to be killed (2) you can’t make someone fall in love with you and (3) this doesn’t bring people back from the dead. Okay then. Glad we have things settled. Aladdin makes Genie get them out of the cave.

At the Palace, Jafar and his parrot come up with an evil plan to take over the kingdom by marrying Jasmine.

Oasis in the sun, Genie and Aladdin are save. Genie realises that he got them out of the cave without Aladdin really making a wish, sneaky. While trying to come up with something to wish for himself, Aladdin asks Genie what he wants so the obvious answer of Freedom comes up. Aladdin says he will use his third wish to set Genie free. Such a good guy.





Aladdin wishes to become a prince so Genie turns him into one and Abu into an elephant. LOL.

Back at the Palace of intrigues, Jafar informs the Sultan that he can order his daughter to marry him and the Sultan has a lucid moment of thinking that Jafar is way to old for his girl but magic is stronger than reasoning. Sigh. Just then Prince Ali appears in the city.

The Sultan is excited about this development. Genie’s advice is to tell Jasmine who he is but Aladdin is refusing to use his words because he is in idiot. Jasmine even gives him an opening, asking if he was ever at the market but he doesn’t say anything.

Later, Aladdin shows up at her room with his magic carpet and the fly around on it while inning a duet. Then she says it was a shame Abu had to miss this and Aladdin doesn’t have the precedes of mind to deny he knows and Abu and reveals his true identity but not really because he is still playing the Prince shit. Regardless, they kiss.

Jafar later captures Aladdin again and wants him dead but you can’t throw A into the ocean with the lamp because that is better than a swim vest. Aladdin is too far gone to make a wish but Genie rescues him anyway.

Back at the Palace, Aladdin realises how Jafar controls everyone but Jafar sees the lamp and takes it from A. The Sultan is happy about the prospect of Jasmine and Aladdin but A is afraid of the responsibilities. So he tells Genie he can’t set him free after all. Oy, that must have hurt.

Parrot steals the lamp and Jafar abuses his powers because that’s what evil people do. He becomes Sultan as well as the most powerful magician there ever was. Jafar sends Aladdin away and exposes his secret identity of being a poor boy and not a Prince. But fear not, magic carpet to the rescue.

Aladdin makes his way for the lamp but of course that isn’t as easy as it looks so they have to trick Jafar into wanting to be as powerful as a Genie which in return, transforms him into a genie. BOOM! Aladdin sets his Genie free. Everything is good that ends well or something like that.

The End.

Lots and lots of stuff going on here. I really love Aladdin, not as much as Beauty and the Beats but it is a great movie. Terrific and I love it.

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  • You Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me is hands down one of my favourite Disney songs. That is all.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      Hahaha, good choice!

  • Tim

    This is by far my favorite Disney movie ever. It has the best songs (as a whole..there are better individual songs in some films, however this has the best set) of any Disney film, it has the best voice cast (Robin Williams, Jonathan Freeman, and Jim Cummings are fantastic), and it’s a story I can enjoy. As a writer, I enjoy the way the story makes a traditional petty thief in Aladdin out to be the good guy. That said, little kid me just loved the fact that the genie was so funny.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      I love genie, he is my favourite character in the movie. I like how this film feels kind of different from the usual fairy tales. I mean, it is a fairy tale after all but there is just something to it that I can’t quite put my finger on. (Though I like Beauty and the Beast better)

      • Tim

        I think that’s part of the appeal to Aladdin. Even though it’s a fairy tale, it doesn’t FEEL like one. I’m pretty sure that was part of the appeal to Frozen as well.

        • Wilhelmina Upton

          Yes, it is a fairy tale but it doesn’t feel like one. Plus it had awesome sidekicks.

  • EmilyHornburg

    SUCH A GOOD MOVIE!!!!!! I haven’t seen it in FOREVER though so i really should because the sidekicks are the best and I love the music

    • Wilhelmina Upton