Disney (Wednes)Day: Beauty and the Beast

First of all, a little organisational stuff. I put up a reference master post where you get an overview of all the Disney recaps I’ve done so far and those still to come. I thought that might be handy. Moving on to the actual recap then.

This weeks movie is one of my all time favourites, Beauty and the Beast from 1991. I may only have seen this for the first time last year with bestfriendboy but it was insta-love. Sigh.

The movie starts with a shot of a castle, the imaginary camera moves closer towards it while a voice over voice overs about a little spoiled prince who lived there. One day, an old beggar woman came by the castle, asking for a place to stray for one night in exchange for a special rose. The prince declined her request. She asked again, and he shot her down once more. Then the beggar turned into a beautiful young woman and she cursed the boy because she did not see love in his eyes. She leaves him with an enchanted rose that blooms until his 21st birthday.  If he hasn’t found love until then, he will stay a beast for the rest of his life.  Womp, womp. Also, cue title card.

Cut to a girl in a french village. She leaves a funny looking house (her father is an inventor which is really cool even if the other townspeople don’t think so). Because this is Disney, the girl, Belle, immediately starts singing about her town, how out of place she feels, that she loves books and so on. She goes to exchange her last read book for a new one and reads it to some sheep in the middle of town who are also jumping into the fountain behind her. I can see why people may think she is weird. Anyway.

Next we meet Gaston and we hate Gaston, just so we’re clear on this, blog friends. He is very muscular and doesn’t look appealing to me at all, but then again I am a lesbian and manly men just don’t do it for me, at all. He wants to marry Belle but of course, he hasn’t asked her yet because he is an asshole and what is consent, AM I RIGHT?! I always thought that asking was the way with marriage instead of someone demanding you to be your wife, but I may be a little rusty on the details here. Gaston is also under the impression that taking away a girl’s book is the way to get her to like you. Wrong, mister!! There are three blonde women in the background giggling and lusting after Gaston. I want to offer them a huge bottle of brain bleach so they might stand a chance but alas. To round it all up, Gaston also insults Belle’s father and my eyes roll out of my head from the gigantic eye roll I just did. Something like that.

Back at the inventor cabin in the woods, Belle has a heart to heart with her Dad about fitting into the town and about that douche-y Gaston. Meanwhile her father is working on his latest invention, some sort of wood piling helper, or so I assume. It works, so he is off to the inventors fair thing-y. Clearly this can’t end well.

The father gets lost in the woods because DUH! Even his horse knows that his sense if direction is shit. He gets chased by wolves, loses his horse and ends up at the castle from the beginning. He lets himself in there because nobody else is there to answer him, or so it seems, Dun, dun, dun.

We hear voices talking in the background but see no actual people. Are you already as excited as I am for what is to come? Maybe not. Okay. Meet a talking clock and candlestick, going by the names, Cogsworth and Lumière. Lumière is inviting while Cogsworth is, well, not. The two of them bicker like an old married couple which is one of my favourite things about them.

We get a glimpse of Beats lurking in the shadows. As Belle’s father yes pampered by the fireplace by even more enchanted objects, it suddenly gets dark because Beast appears and he is not amused.

French village. Gaston has set up his wedding though he still hasn’t asked Belle yet and I want to HULKSMASH everything. How can anyone think this is a good idea and way to go?! People like Gaston are what’s wrong with the world. Then he informs Belle of their wedding, she throws him out like the smart girl that she is, only Gaston can’t take no for an answer.

Belle uses this time to sing another song. Then her father’s horse appears without her father. Obvi. Off Belle goes on her merry way to find her father.

At the enchanted castle, Chip, whom I haven’t mentioned yet but who is my absolute favourite from all the characters in this movie continues to be the absolute cutest cutie pie who ever cutied. Btw, in the German version his name is Tassilo because cup means Tasse in German. Don’t tell me you never learn things on here.

Belle arrives, finds her father. Beast is there as well and he is still not amused. He and Belle argue over letting the father go. They end up exchanging Belle for her father with the only condition, she must stay with him forever. Well, that sucks.

Dad gets sent to village. Lumière tries to soften Beast up a bit, mentioning he can’t keep Belle in the tower so she gets her own fancy room with a talking closet and all. Lumière tries to be the Beasts wingman but Beast is having none of it. Beast informs Belle that she can move through the castle freely aside from the West Wing (favourite TV show shout out, WOOT WOOT). Of course this gets Belle’s attention. Then he demands he presence at dinner. Ugh, these guys and their manners.

In a tavern somewhere in the woods, Gaston mopes about losing Belle. What an idiot. Then there is a song about how great Gaston is and I want to projectile vomit. Inventor dad walks in, tries to tell the others about Beast but they just laugh and laugh at him.

Creepcastle. Belle makes the acquaintance of the tea cup family and her talking closet. At first, they feral her out but not for too long.

Beast is waiting downstairs not showing much patience even though Lumière is trying his best. Belle refuses to come to dinner though, so he throws a giant temper tantrum and tells everyone Belle doesn’t eat unless she eats with him. Talk about no love there, won’t you?!

At night, Belle wanders around though and ends up in the kitchen. Of course she gets something to eat there and the appliances sing their song, ‘Be Our Guest’. I really like it.

Then Belle wants to tour the castle so Cogsworth begrudgingly agrees to. When she comes upon the West Wing though. So she takes off and wanders around. She enters the Beast’s destroyed room and soon sees Beast herself there in his natural habitat. He, of course, is pissed. He gets really angry with her so she runs away. Only, there is not much to run to since there are wolves in the forest and she is in deep trouble. But worry not, Beast to the rescue!!!

In town, Gaston has invited the had of a nearby asylum whom he tells about Belle’s father and the supposedly Beast. They form a plan to take him away so Gaston can marry Belle because she won’t have another option. UGH.

Creepcastle. Beast starts having feelings for Belle, it is so cute. He even introduces her to his big ass library which she loves. Then we get a big song about romance and love and all that crap while we see the both of them being cute with each other.

After that, the furniture starts to create a big romantic moment. After all, time is running out and the rose will soon lose its last petals. They sing a song about being human again while the castle gets a makeover and stops being so creepy.

Belle and Beast have dinner together, Mrs. Potts who is Chip’s Mom sings a song and mentions Beauty and the Beast. So she said the title, congrats, Mrs. Potts. Belle seems happy but she also misses her father. Beast offers her a look in his enchanted mirror to keep track of him. Belle sees that he is sick and alone though so Beast tells her she can leave. Awwww, you guys. My poor heart.

Belle finds her father, brings him home where the townspeople are already prepared to put him away. Gaston offers to marry her again, she says no. Again. She also uses the mirror to show him that Beast is real which gets them all locked up. Gaston goes on his quest to kill the Beast which reminds me of Kill the Witch from Wicked.

Dramatic fighting at the castle. Meanwhile Chip who left the castle with Belle, tries to free her and her father. In the last minute, Belle arrives at the castle and Beast gets a second wind. He defeats Gaston, Belle and Beast make up, kiss and slowly everything gets back to normal.

The end!!

Now this was cute aside from Gaston. I seriously hate that guy with every fibre of my being. But the cute furniture thingies make up for it all and seriously, they are the best about the movie. Take away Belle and Beast and leave me with them and I would still love the crap out of this movie.

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  • I’m torn between “THIS IS ADORABLE” and “………………she’s falling in love with a beast-man. That’s…a little wrong.” Still, it’s probably at the top of my list as far as Disney movies go. Well, this and The Lion King.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      The beast part is a little disturbing but she falls for his heart and soul ;-) Much better. And then he changes back into a real guy.
      I haven’t seen Lion King since 3rd or 4th grade so I can’t say how much I like it but Beauty and the Beast is one of the best movies in my opinion of only having seen them up until this point, well, mostly. That sentence kinda got away from me.

      • I’ve only seen The Lion King twice, but we had the soundtrack on cassette(!!) and listened to it constantly so I feel like I know it a million times better than I really do as a result.

        • Wilhelmina Upton

          I had a cassette of the Lion King as well. I actually still have it somewhere. Good old times.

  • EmilyHornburg

    SO AWESOME! This was one of the first movies which I think my sister and I officially “fan-girled” over and saw about five times in theatres. It was fantastic.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      I ADORE this movie!!! So great!