childhood dream job #20sbprompt

This time, 20sb wants to know, what kind of job we wanted as a kid which I think is a neat prompt.


This is actually going to be pretty straight forward for me because all Mini!Willie ever wanted to be was a P.I., a private investigator or detective. Now, that’s not the typical dream of a little girl is it? I grew up watching the old Miss Marple movies with Margaret Rutherford. My favourite Disney character was Mickey because of that one time I read about him being a detective. Instead of reading girly books, I read adventure and detective novels until I felt like I had read them all, which is why I don’t read them much anymore. Everything is the same.

But even as a young teenager I knew this was not going to be a legit career choice because it’s never as glamorous as it is on TV. You spend your days checking out petty thieves and stalking cheating spouses. Things would never get close to being as awesome as they were on the kids show ‘The Adventures of Shirley Holmes‘. I don’t know if any of you even watched this Canadian show but I loved it. A couple of years ago, I went back and watched a couple of them again and still enjoyed it. Nostalgia feels. And even Veronica Mars chose a different career path.

One year for Christmas, I got my own agency sign with business cards to hand out. Not that I did much more than run around with my PI backpack. Don’t judge. It was stuffed with evidence bags, utensils to get fingerprints and more stuff I can’t remember at this point. The only real ‘job’ I ever did though was finding my fathers pen and trying to detect the shit out of that fire on the grounds behind our house. Other than that, my life was far from being as interesting and adventurous as┬áthat of Shirley Holmes. Which is probably a good thing but also made me sad at the time.

I even turned my desk in my childhood room around so it would face the door and look more like an office. Thinking about all this gives me the warm and fuzzies inside because that dream is still not entirely dead. It still lurks in some corners of my mind, covered with cobwebs. Every time I watch a cop show on TV I get a little bit sad that I let people talk me out of joining the police force. Maybe I should have stuck with the only career path Past!Me was ever interested in. Thinking about this is futile though because I did not do it. And even if I had tried, they would have probably disregarded me anyway. Plus, I like my current job because it allows me to be nosy and snoop around a bunch of different companies and still get payed for it. Plus, people don’t try to shoot me on a regular basis, that has to account for something, right?!

What about you? Feel free to share your childhood dream job in the comments.

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  • Tim

    I think that at one point in my life, the thought of wanting to be a private investigator/detective crossed my mind. It wasn’t a prominent enough of a thought to make it one of the things that I absolutely wanted to be (I think you’ve seen that post), but I always thought it’d be a cool job.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      I’m not sure if I remember the post. For me there was being a PI and then for a long time there was nothing until I finished school and just decided upon something to study.

  • Vanessa

    I remember The Adventures of Shirley Holmes, I loved that show! And I’m picturing Mini!Willie in a little Sherlock hat with a magnifying glass now.

    I remember as a kid trying to investigate stuff too, working with codes and whatnot. Once my friends and I were convinced there was a ghost in one of our backyards, and after due investigation we determined that ghosts loved Sour Patch Kids.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      Oh thank god, someone else knows this show. Cool that you liked it, too :-) Sadly, I never had one of those cool hats though.

      Ghosts are o cool (until they start being terrifying).

  • Return to the ’80s (Paul)

    When I was a child, I wanted to be a firefighter. From ages 2-7, there was a television show called “Emergency!” which was one of my first favorite shows. It was a show about firefighters and paramedics as well as a medical drama. There was just something about the big trucks that captured my imagination.
    That dream job slowly faded as I then wanted to be a professional baseball player. That dream came crashing down when I realized that I wasn’t a good enough player.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      Aww, such typical dream jobs. You’re right, big trucks are awesome, I still get all big-eyed when I see them.