Disney (Wednes)Day: The Rescuers Down Under

So, I’m a little bit excited about watching The Rescuers Down Under from 1990, mostly because it’s the sequel to The Rescuers and I have a huge crush on Bianca and her adorable accent. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

The movie opens with a shot of some creepy insects, while the credits roll. We get a small tour of the outback and is that Ayers Rock I’m seeing? I think so. There is a lone house on the prairie, I mean, in the outback. In it, a little boy is sleeping in a hammock. He gets woken up by some tribal noises, gets dressed hastily and sneaks out of the house. Only mothers aren’t dumb so she calls after Cody to make sure he got his sandwiches with him.

On Cody’s way to wherever the hell he is going, he wakes up and addresses a whole bunch of animals that are native to Australia. I think this is more of an educational choice, a chance to say the word wombat and whatnot. (I forgot all the other animals, whoops.) He finally arrives where a kangaroo is already waiting for him, to catch him up on the latest news. Oh this movie is so laden with Aussie references. Are you all aware we’re down under, yet?!! You better be!

Together they make their way to what I still presume is Ayers Rock. On top, an eagle is trapped so Cody gets his climbing on so free the bird. It’s highly irresponsible to let a small boy climb that wall but whatever. I know I should leave my brain up front when I watch one of these. Sigh.

Eagle is freed, but in the process Cody gets knocked off the mountain. In time, the eagle manages to catch him though and they fly through the skies. It is beautifully done and also reminds me of Harry Potter. So majestic.

Cody and Eagle get their bonding on. Apparently the eagle is a mom and Cody’s dad left him so he knows how the unhatched eggs will feel. Something like that. Cody gets to take one of eagle’s feathers. Maybe he wants to take up calligraphy, IDK.

On Cody’s way back home, we get a gracious shot of a wanted sign. Cody comes across a mouse in need. The mouse informs us though that it’s a trap. Too late, the ground gives way and Cody falls into a steep hole. Together with the mouse, he tries to get out and when he almost got it, Mr. Bad Guy appears with his tank like vehicle. Only, Mr. Bad Guy is surprised his trap caught a boy and not an animal. They get into an argument because Cody keeps calling him a poacher.

Mr. Bad Guy has a salamander with him, called Joanne. Mr. Bad Guy also sees Cody’s gift feather and asks him where the eagle is, since he already got the father and now wants the mother and eggs as well. This is bad! Cody doesn’t want to give up the location so Mr. Bad Guy takes him hostage. He throws the boy’s backpack into some alligator bay to make it look like an accident and for nobody to look for him. Wow this is dramatic.

The mouse from the trap is on it though. It makes its way to the nearest communications centre and sets off a distress call. That call gets rerouted through the Marshall Islands, Hawaii and a couple more american cities until it reaches New York, New York. And do you know what is in New York, New York? RIGHT! The UN and the Rescuers base station!! I couldn’t be happier.

An emergency meeting is put into session for this code red. The chairman wants their best people on the job so we cut to Bernard and Bianca’s empty chairs. They are not there because they’re in a high class restaurant and haven’t gotten the message yet.

Bernard is really nervous and you know why that is? He wants to make an honest mouse out of Bianca!!!! WHEEEE!! I mean, who wouldn’t like to spend the rest of their lives with a magical creature like her? Only his proposal is delayed by stupid things happening and then the code red gets through to them so there is no time for romance left.

Albatross Air is under a new management. B&B make their way into the hangar to wing Wilbur dancing around. At first he doesn’t want to fly out because of the snow storm but after he hears that it’s an important matter and a little boy has been kidnapped, he puts on his big bird wings and off they go.

Down Under. Weird tank vehicle enters an old mine and this is not going to end well, I feel it.

Albatross Air gets off a commercial air plane in Sydney and they make their last relay to the outback. The landing is rather difficult at the rural airport because Wilbur keeps insisting he is not actually that big even though Jake, the local mouse, tour guide and airport official keeps saying it’s a suicide mission. In the process, Wilbur hurts himself and needs to go to mouse hospital but I’m getting ahead of myself.

When Bianca leaves Wilbur, Jake gets this lovesick look in his face and I know where you’re coming from bro, she is a stunning specimen but step back because she is already taken. Nevertheless Jake gets his flirt on. Next to him, Bernard feels insignificant and I want to give him a hug! I love it when Jake gives the crumpled map back to Bernard after offering his services as guide and Bernard says Jake can’t even fold a map. Precious!

Meanwhile Mr. Bad Guy tries to squeeze some information out of Cody who is having none of it.

Cut to The Rescuers on mission. Bernard tries again to propose in an undisturbed moment that sadly doesn’t stay that way. Stupid Jake cockblocks Bernard and I just want to tell him to leave those two alone!

Cody gets thrown into a cell with a bunch of other animals. An old koala (we so Australian, aren’t we, mate?!) explains their situation and it gives me the sadz. Cody is still optimistic though and he McGivers the shit out of some wood and a hook to try and get the keys but sadly Joanna intervenes.

Wilbur tries to escape from the hospital and succeeds. I don’t know if that is a spiel on the American way of living or why he is so opposed to getting his back fixed but I’m just going to let it go at the moment.

Cody’s backpack gets delivered back to his mother who thinks her son is dead now. This sucks!

Somehow one of the captured animals gets out of the cell, gets the keys. Back and forth with Joanna but Cody manages to escape but Mr. Bad Guy is not having any of it.

The Rescuers are finally at the mine just when Cody and Mr. Bad Guy walk outside. There Mr. Bad Guy informs Cody that eagle mother is already dead, hoping Cody will lead him to the eggs because he wants to save them.

So naturally Cody goes to see the eggs, there he meets The Rescuers who try to warn him but he isn’t having any of it. The eagle is still alive but gets captured along with Cody and Bianca as well as Jake. (I’m a bit hazy on the details here. So much going on.)

Bernard is somehow not captured along with the others so he tricks Joanna and Mr. Bad Guy with a simple switcheroo of the eggs. The real ones are staying with Wilbur. Then Bernard single-handedly goes to rescue them all making us all proud for shipping Bernard and Bianaca in the first place.

Mr. Bad Guy ends up in the crocodile bay, the freed eagle once again needs to catch Cody as he is falling towards the earth.

And then the single most important thing of the movie finally happens; Bernard proposes to Bianca!!!!

The End.

I adore the Rescuers, I really, really do. Bernard and Bianca are a fantastic couple and I wish there were emote adventures with them. Why don’t they have their own show? The whole boy being kidnapped plot, well, I guess I should have cared more for it, but I’m really more interested in the B&B dynamics here than anything else.

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  • GFM

    I love this Disney film. I’d completely forgot about it.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      I really like it too :-)

  • Vanessa

    The thing I got out of this recap that is sticking with me the most. Sure he’s a little kid, but that must be one big ass giant eagle. Look at how huge it is compared to Cody!

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      That eagle WAS fucking huge!