‘Glitter and Glue’ by Kelly Corrigan

There are books that should come with warning labels, ‘Glitter and Glue’ by Kelly Corrigan is one of those. The summary I read only talked about this being a story about a daughter reevaluating her relationship with her mother, nowhere did it mention all the cancer talk. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed this book a lot but it also gave me ALL THE FEELS and maybe there should be a cancer/dead mother trigger warning on it for people like me. Onto the proper review though.

Glitter and glue

‘Glitter and Glue’ is a memoir about Kelly’s life and especially her relationship with her own mother. Growing up she never got along with her mom; the woman was too stoic and no fun but as Kelly finds herself being the nanny of two little kids in Australia while she travels the world, she learns to appreciate her own mother more. The kids she has to look after lost their own mother to cancer and you can tell that the whole family was hit by this. They are kind of broken, the way you are when tragedy suddenly hits. Kelly is thrown into this situation head first; it is awkward, sad but also really interesting from an observing point of view. She tries to manoeuvre daily life as best as she can with these kids and really the whole family.

Years later, when Kelly is a mother herself, she gets sick and nearly dies which is why she thinks about the family she lived with in Australia in the first place. The story really pulls on those heartstrings and maybe I am easily hit by them since my own Mom died of cancer and died way too young but I cried like a little baby at times throughout reading this story.

This is not a criticism in any way, I was just a little blindsided by it, that is all. And it brought back the dead mother dreams I hadn’t had in months. However, the story pulled me in and it was hard to put the book down at times. It’s a tale about growing up and seeing things differently, learning to accept certain relationships you didn’t understand before. Especially mothers and daughters seem to, oftentimes, have problems communicating or seeing eye to eye. Kelly and her mother are no exception but through having to look after kids that aren’t even her own, she learns to reconcile herself with her own upbringing and that is a nice sentiment.

So, if you want a good read, with lots or emotions, some travel adventures, finding yourself tidbits throw in, this is the story for you. I really, really liked it despite all the feels it gave me. (And maybe a little BECAUSE of all the feels because I’m a little masochist like that.)

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  • I would love to read this book. I love books about mother-daughter relationships. My personal favorite is Things I Want My Daughters to Know by Elizabeth Noble. Tugs at your heartstrings but definitely insightful.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      I haven’t heard about that one but like the above, I’m sure it is a great read. Just all the feels came a bit out of left field. Definitely recommend it though as it was difficult to put it down and it seems to be very close to the authors real life.