3 books that summarise me #20sbprompt

This week’s blogging prompt from 20sb is about the three books that summarise you as a person. The inspiration for this came from NPR’s Twitter account.


The funny thing is, it wasn’t that difficult to come up with my three books. I was afraid it would take me days to figure this out but it wasn’t so here are my picks.

Sing You Home by Jody Picoult. I owe this book so much because it pushed me out of my self inflicted closet. I had been dancing around my sexual orientation for months at the time I found the novel in my favourite bookstore at the Cologne central station. When I picked it up, I had no idea the two ladies in this story would fall in love with each other but as the story unfolded, so much reminded me of myself and how I felt/feel at certain times in my life that suddenly things started to make so much more sense. So yes, this book is me, it is deeply intertwined with me being the person that I am, it needed a spot on the list.

Leaving Unknown/The Good Luck Girl by Kerry Reichs. I have talked about this book at length on this blog already. It’s another one of those stories that found you at the right time. I originally didn’t even want to read it because I hate cancer stories because they give me ALL THE FEELS but I couldn’t resist a Kerry Reichs book and I am so glad I let the Amazon reviews convince me. I read it a couple of times over the span of one year as it helped me understand what my Mom was going through with her own cancer. Also, the protagonist, Maeve, is just such a great woman and I feel connected to her in a lot of ways. We share a love for running, books and striped socks. I actually wish she was a real person I could hang out with because we would get along splendidly I imagine. She seems my kind of childish, but in a good way. At least by the end of the story. This is the story I want to hold close to my chest because it has been a part of my life when I needed it the most.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. This one is not as emotionally tied to my person as the other two but it summarises me as well because I am a fangirl. I am currently majorly fangirling over Jaime Murray and Warehouse 13. There always is a new fandom to stumble into and get attached to. I may not have written as much fan fiction or contributed to the communities as much as the characters in the book, but it all rings very true to me.

So there you have it. Three books that summarise me as a person. I’m afraid I spent too much time talking about why those books mean as much to me as they do but to me, that’s interchangeable as to why they summarise me. I found so much of myself in all these characters and stories that, yes, they seem like the only viable choice to me.

What are your three books that summarise you as a person?

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