‘Whisper’ by Stacey R. Campbell

I picked out ‘Whisper’ by Stacey R. Campbell, unaware of the fact that this is actually book two in a series of novels set at the fictional Lakeview Academy in Canada. It didn’t really matter because I could still follow it very well and it’s not like this was number 10 in a series so all was good. Just thought you should know.

cover40946-mediumLike I said, the story of this novel is set at a boarding school in Canada and I love me some good boarding school story, mostly because I always wanted to go to one. I’m pretty sure, Enid Blyton ruined me in that regard. It’s Halle’s first year there. Her older sister graduated last year and one of her close friends, Leigh, has taken Halle under her wing. They share are really cute relationship with each other and I enjoyed reading that. Halle can be a bit hyper but is very adorable in my opinion.

It is Leigh’s last year at Lakeview and she has almost made it though without having to interact too much with Calum, the resident campus manwhore (whom she clearly had some sort of attachment to, way back in the day, every interaction between the two screams that). They are all forced to get along though when Halle finds this old diary of Elsie, the daughter of the school owners who died 100 years ago and is now rumoured to haunt the school grounds as a ghost. A GHOST! I mean, a ghost at a boarding school, it hardly gets better than that. Incidentally, Calum is also a member of the founding family of Lakeview and thus related to Elsie. Cue to a year long treasure hunt for whatever it is, that has kept Elsie’s spirit from moving on.

I mostly enjoyed this story, it was good to read and mostly well paced. The story between Leigh and Calum is a bit drawn out in my opinion because it’s clear from the very beginning they like each other and that that’s the reason especially he is behaving like a dick. Seriously, why do boys think that girls like to be treated like idiots? Because we don’t!

Another small thing I have to criticise is Leigh being clumsy. To me, it seems like this is the go-to characteristic any author uses to describe a teenage girl because it appears everywhere. Maybe we’re just generally clumsy and it’s nothing special?! Can we maybe agree on that? Maybe this is just me though.

What I liked though were the interactions between the characters in general. Leigh/Halle have super sweet sister relationship going on and Leigh’s friends treat Halle like one of their own. It seems very nice and I liked it.¬†Also, Leigh’s best friend, Griffin, is gay and while I’m partly sad he is only a secondary character, it’s still good because he is treated normally. His sexual orientation is not weird to anyone and he is not the only gay boy in this universe, Calum’s cousin, a NYU student, is also gay so yay for diversity! It is sad that things like this need to be pointed out but to me, it always seems like a noteworthy thing. Anyway.

So, if you’re into YA and boarding school stories, this may be a good fit for you. It has ghosts (seriously, how awesome are they?!!) and also romance and friendship and I liked it.

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