Disney (Wednes)Day: 101 Dalmatians

Today it’s time to recap 101 Dalmatians and I’m a bit confused because I didn’t know the movie already came out in 1961 but assumed it was at least 30 years younger. Weird. Moving on though.

The credits are really cute and also inform us, that this story is based upon a book. Huh, who knew? The┬ámovie starts with a voice over that turns out not to be a VO after all but Pongo, the dalmatian who lives with his pet, aka his human, in a flat in London, England. He laments about being a bachelor and how his human needs a mate so he takes it upon himself to find him one. To do so, he looks out of his window and inspects the females with dogs who pass him on the street. Of course he is judging them based on the dogs because who is he to judge female beauty, right?! It doesn’t really matter though, as the humans and dogs all look very alike. Pongo dismisses everyone until a pretty lady with a female dalmatian walks by and he gets his spots in a twist over them. He decides this is it and drags his owner into the park to facilitate a meet up. Such a clever boy.

The meet up doesn’t go as planned but they still end up getting married because obviously! I mean, this is a Disney movie after all. All is well in the world until one not so fine day, Cruella de Vil appears and demands to see the puppies. Puppies, what puppies I ask myself but Pongo and his lovely lady dalmatian named Perdita are expecting puppies. You stay away from them, ugly woman, you hear me?! The humans explain it isn’t time and the puppies aren’t born yet so Cruella demands to be called as soon as they are born. I don’t trust you lady, your crazy-reading is off the charts! Also, can I please get Maleficent back? She was such a better villain with more style. Kthxbai.

Then one stormy october night, the puppies are born. Pongo and his human are waiting nervously in the kitchen while the females struggle with the birth. Of course, movie, of course, because why would a father want to be present for the birth, right? Right. It seems Perdita gave birth to 15 puppies but one didn’t make it. After Pongo sadz for a while, his human rubs the little critter back to life and huzzah, 15 mini dalmatians it is!

Sadly, the happy is cut short by Cruella appearing out of nowhere to buy the puppies. How did she even get word about the birth this fast? IDK, weird thing is weird. She isn’t in luck though because no matter the money, nobody is selling sweet little baby dalmatians here. Good for y’all!

Cut to a few months later when the puppies have grown a bit and are watching a western on TV. This reminds me of the time bestfriendboy and I came home one evening to find his dog laying on the sofa watching Mutiny on the Bounty all by himself. Adorbs. Moving on though. All the puppies are so cute and I want to squish them so hard and play with them. But, alas, not everything can stay rosy all the time.

One evening, when the humans take Pongo and Perdita out for a walk and leave the puppies alone with the maid, we see two ugly looking man, observing them. They are there to steal the puppies. The old maid is overcharged with the intruders and all the puppies are gone and NO YOU DIDN’T!!!

Cut to Cruella feeling all smug and happy with herself. I hate her! Even the papers are writing about the dognapping and I LOL because that’s news in London? Come on! Of course Cruella pretends she is concerned about the dognapping but we all know she isn’t. Evil witch!

Pongo feels helpless so while out in the park, he informs the Twilight Bark to get the word out if some dog in the London area has heard of anything. The news travels all the way through London. First a great Dane gets it and he looks like Scooby Doo which makes me flail like the little fangirl I am because I love Scooby Doo. It also passes a couple of dogs we first saw in Lady and the Tramp, such as Jock, hey Jock!!

Eventually the news reaches the far outskirts of town where a couple of animals with a military complex reside. The Colonel (a dog), Captain (horse) and Sergeant (cat) think this is the right case for them, so they start to Nancy Drew the shit out of this news. They notice the fire and occasional barking coming from Hell Hall. When inspecting the premise, they find that there are not only our 15 missing dalmatians but 99 in total all kept there. Whew, this is bad. They are watched by the burglars from before.

The militaries communicate back to Pongo and Perdita that they found their little rascals so Pongo and his wife make their way for Hell Hall with the help of the great Dane. They soon learn Hell Hall belongs to Cruella de Vil and know what is going on. This bitch, yo!

At the lair, Cruella arrives a bit unnerved because of all the press coverage this dognapping has gotten and she wants them skinned right away! I gasp in shock because HOW? WHY? NOOOOOO! She wants to make coats out of these cute little doggies? I HATE HER!

The Sergeant makes his way into Hell Hall once again and helps the little ones escaping. Of course this can’t be easy and takes forever with many complications. Pongo and Perdita have made their way to Hell Hall at last and take it from there. They can only stay with the militaries for a short while because Cruella and her minions are onto them. Too bad they leave many many footsteps in the snow. So they make a run for it.

Unfortunately the snow is steep and the puppies are small. When they’re almost ready to give up, a friendly dogs tells them to come with him, he has shelter for them. Bless him. They end up in a cow barn and the puppies finally get something to eat. They can’t stay too long at that place and so they’re ready to go leave again. A wild chase ensues where the dogs only manage to make it by covering themselves in dirt so they look like labradors instead of dalmatians. Only Cruella is not fooled, well she would have been if the thawing snow hadn’t revealed their dark skin to be a fake.

At the humans place it is Christmas and what a sad Christmas this will be. No dogs. Womp, womp. But then they hear barking and they all are back and everyone is beyond happy. They decide to keep all of them and to open up a Dalmatian Plantation somewhere because they are good people. Bless their hearts.

The end.

Well this was a cute movie and even though I kinda knew where everything was already going since you can’t always stay unspoiled with several decade old movies. I would definitely rewatch this one. It seems that once we left the awful 1940s behind us, the movie quality improved dramatically.

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