Disney (Wednes)Day: Lady and the Tramp

Hello and welcome back to movies I never saw before but hey, this one came out in 1955, only one year before my mother was born. On with it then.

We open to some title cards with nice words about dogs and how this movie is dedicated to them. Sweet. Then we move on to some snowed in village where it turns out it is Christmas. A woman with no face finds herself in a living room, getting a present in a hat satchel from a man with no face. Instead of a hat, there is a little puppy inside and it’s adorable and all sorts of cute.



The dogs name is Lady. Trying to be stern and authoritative, the man tries to bring Lady to bed in some far away room of the house only Lady doesn’t agree. After some attempts of getting out, she finally makes a run for the bedroom in the middle of the night and because Lady’s faceless humans are real pushovers, they let her stay in their bed, but only for one night!

As if that ever works, we cut to the same scene only Lady is much older and still sleeping in their bed. Adrobs. Lady is now 6 months old, we’re told, which means she finally gets her own collar and license. Yay! She is mighty proud of it and wants to show it off to her neighbour dogs.

We cut to the front of another house where a terrier jumps down the front steps with a bone in his mouth. He pretends to be a grumpy lad but is actually really sweet and as excited for Lady’s collar and tag as she is herself. His name is Jock and together they visit the bloodhound Trusty. He is a laid back and all sorts of precious but has unfortunately lost his sense of smell. That’s terrible for a dog, I fully understand. Trusty also gets appropriately appreciative over the new collar and tag so everything is well in Ladyland. Sigh.


I realise now that Lady has grown up, her humans do have faces. Interesting. I wonder if this has something to do with the fact that this movie is from the dog’s perspective and when she was firsts introduced, she was a puppy and probably scared at her new home. All she saw were the legs of people but now she knows more. Something like that, maybe. I’ll stop trying to make sense of Disney now and get back to the actual thing. One thing I don’t like about the female human so far is that all she ever says is agreeing with her husband. That’s sexist and stupid but I should probably just look over this, right? Right. Just such a typical 1950s description of family life or what it should be like at least.

We cut to a train station where a lonely dog wakes up and goes out to find breakfast. He gets lucky at an italian place where they give him a bone to chew on. He looks happy until he sees the dog impounder walking around. He has already captured two of Tramp’s friends whom he frees. Tramp has to run from the impounder guy.

Cut to Lady in her backyard being melancholic because something is going on with her humans and she has no clue what. Her description sounds awfully much like someone is preggers and Trusty and Jock confirm my assumption. They explain what getting a baby means and it’s all sorts of precious. These are fine dog souls. Cue for Tramp to get into the discussion of how adorable babies are by being all pessimistic. Not cool, bro! According to him, babies are evil and take away the human affection. There might be some truth to this but ti’s still a dick move to do this to dogs you never met before.

The next segment is a rush through the pregnancy and yes, Lady doesn’t get as much attention anymore but it’s not like she is treated badly altogether. Then one day after the baby boy is born, the humans have to leave for some unspecified thing and instead an aunt comes there to take care of the baby. Can you smell trouble because I can! Aunt isn’t such a fan of Lady and thinks the dog has no place in a nursery. I beg the Darlings would argue with that. However the stupid woman has brought two siamese cats with her, yuk, yuk yuk. (Can you tell I’m not a cat person?) They create all sorts of commotion but naturally it’s Lady who gets blamed for it and ends in the yard.


Aunt goes as far as buying her a muzzle which breaks the camels back for Lady so she runs away. I applaud your spirited decision even though it was also kinda dumb because now she is followed by a mop of dogs. They pass Tramp who gets in and fights of the other dogs. Did someone say impeding romance because that’s all I can see! Tramp takes Lady to the zoo to get off her muzzle. They con a beaver into helping them and it’s awesome.

Later that night, Tramp takes Lady out to dinner and they end up at the same italian place from before. The owners (?) are very excited for Tramp and his new girlfriend. Dogfriend? Doggy girlfriend? Never mind. They make them spaghetti and meatballs and oh my feels!!!


After dinner they walk around and we all take a gracious owl shot in the park as there are two owls sitting in a tree.

Their great night together ends the next day when Lady accidentally gets impounded. At the dog pound we see some familiar faces of the dogs Tramp has helped before. He is some sort of legend because he never gets captured or gets himself out of every situation. They go all prison style on poor Lady and I haz se feels for her. A female dog gets to her rescue but also sings Tramp a love song so it’s a win/lose for Lady. Thankfully she doesn’t have to stay there long.

Trusty and Jock make their way over to Lady like the good friends they are. Their solution to the aunt problem is suggesting marriage to Lady so she can stay at one of their homes. Okaaaayyyy. Of course that’s Tramp’s cue to enter the yard. Nobody marries and I am kind of relieved.

When a rat makes it’s way for the house, Lady is trying to break free from her chains but can’t. Instead Tramp goes into the fight, follows the rat into the house and creates a lot of mess. Finally Lady breaks free. Tramp knocks over the crib with the baby which wakes aunt. This is not going to end well, let me tell you! Aunt is naturally unhappy with this, puts Lady in the cellar and calls the dog pound for Tramp. Of course she hasn’t seen the dead rat Tramp managed to kill.

Right when Tramp is taken away, the humans return home. Lady shows them the dead rat. Trusty and Jock who have heard everything conjure a plan to rescue Tramp only good old Trusty gets hit by the carriage Tramp is in. IS HE DEAD???? I don’t want him to be dead. MY FEELS! At least Lady and Tramp are reunited.

Cut to the next Christmas at the humans. The baby is now a toddler and Lady and Tramp have some puppies of their own. It’s really sweet. And, oh look, they get visitors, Jock and….Trusty my old friend, you’re not dead!! Huzzah! They all adrob with each other and I can’t stop flailing over dog family feels. WTH is wrong with me? Trusty is now uncle Trusty and it’s the cutest thing when the puppies all respond to him in unison.


The end!

Wow, this was an absolutely adorable movie. Except for the few minor things I mentioned before I loved it!!! Loved it, loved it, loved it!

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  • Jessica

    This is one of my favorites! Also, Trusty was supposed to die originally but they changed it later because it was too sad.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      It really looks as if he’s dead and I assumed he was until he came in on Christmas, I was so relieved! He’s pretty awesome, as is Jock.

  • Tim

    I’m completely convinced that this movie (along with 101 Dalmatians) is responsible for the prominence of dog people over cat people in modern society. Coming from a cat person, it’s a shame. Most Disney movies give cats a horrid portrayal.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      Well, I’ve been a dog person long before Disney had any real influence over me. I know there is a movie called Aristocats in my future and I guess that’s about cats.