2013 – a year in review

2013 was a year of change for this little blogger, not only did my blog move from wilhelminaupton.wordpress.com to williesun.com I also graduated from university, started my first full time job, traveled back to places I miss and met my first internet friend. You could say I did quite a lot, didn’t I?

There are also a couple of internet-y things aside from the aforementioned move of this blog I participated in for the first time this year. Number 1 was VEDA in August. Vlogging interested me but I never really knew what to do with it (and to some extend I still don’t) but given the community around VEDA as well as the suggested topics made it way easier. It also brought me in contact with some dear new friends for which I am really grateful.

Another first was NaNoWriMo in November. I wrote a 50k word novel in less than 30 days, I’m still amazed by those numbers. Now that Christmas is over I will hopefully finally start editing the story so it can get published on the blog because I did like what I wrote. (Maybe re-reading it will change my opinion, who knows.)

The last thing on this list is doing vlogmas. Similar to VEDA only I vlogged for 25 days instead of 31 and there were far less of us doing it without any real topics. This resulted in me babbling most of the time but I’ve been told it wasn’t that bad. Mostly internet friends are the bestest.

In general, 2013 was so much better than 2012. Remember last year? Yeah, I don’t like to either, it was dark and no fun except for some very brief parts of it. This year was a bit up and down especially writing my thesis did try its best to throw me off (and succeeded) but as the year continued and my life started sailing in more definable waters, the emotional breakdowns subsided. Of course they will never be fully gone, I mean, I’m still a person but there is a lot more light where there used to be darkness.

All the above mentioned internet shenanigans brought on some new followers and friends which is beyond awesome. I also owe SnarkSquad a lot of credit for that. We even did such a crazy thing as #snarkathon where a bunch of us gathered in front of our laptops and TVs to watch The Cabin in the Woods alone together via Twitter and Google hangout. Sounds strange but was fantastic. Here’s to hoping we will do this again.

Oh, and I also hosted my first guest blogger, Anju from This Labyrinth I Roam for whom I did two guest posts this year. You can read them here and here. Especially the latter is one I like very much if I do say so myself. Either way, go check out her blog because she is amazing and a great writer.

I am not someone for resolutions because I know myself too well to know I either forget about them or find a way of rationalising myself out of doing them. The only thing I tried and mildly succeeded at was writing things that made me happy down on paper and stick them in a jar. I also forgot lots of happy occasions which is why it’s only a mild success. Here are some of my happy memories in sticky notes form:

My happy memory jar, it's a bit sad, isn't it?!
My happy memory jar, it’s a bit sad, isn’t it?!
This is everything I bothered to write down, obviously there was more but I forgot to write everything down.
This is everything I bothered to write down, obviously there was more but I forgot to write everything down.

Now 2014 is almost here and I can’t believe it’s 2014 already. (This is a weird sentence.) I still remember the millennium, with all it’s crazies trying to tell us the world would crash and so on. To those I say: HAHAHAHA we made it! I also remember 2002 like it was yesterday, it’s when the Euro was first introduced as our currency in most european countries. How is it already 12 years later? What even is time? I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you for those few who read my stuff, to those who talk with me and make my days less sucky! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Here’s to hoping 2014 will be awesome! DFTBA!

P.S.: Yep, this is also the year I discovered John and Hank Green and my world will never be the same again.

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  • Ashlea K.

    I prefer to think that there wasn’t a typo and you really did clog for 25 days straight. It’s a popular dance in the south and it amuses me ;)

    Also, #snarkathon was SO MUCH FUN. I want to do it again. Aren’t we having one on the 5th? Did I dream that?

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      I’m not sure, there was some talk about it but if it’s the 5th for you guys I can’t because I have to be at work at 7 am on the 6th.

      Damnit, yes, typo, the Macbook doesn’t know what vlogging is, grr.

      • Melbourne on my Mind

        I think it’s the 5th for me and the 4th for everyone else, so you should be good! It better still be happening, because I tracked down the movie and everything…

        • Wilhelmina Upton

          Ah, that’s goo to know. What movie are we watching?

  • Tim

    I’m happy I’m not the only person I know who uses post-it notes gratuitously. The happy memory jar is a good idea.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      Haha, no, I use them for everything. Need to write down a short recipe? Post-it. Memories? Post-it. It helps that I have a ton of them lying around on my desk.

  • cupitonians

    2013 was definitely a good year. A lot of people have complained but so much has happened. I did a memory journal instead of a jar and was also mildly successful and so it reminded of the things that made me happy this year. One of the top 10 was definitely meeting you! :) I’d completely forgotten the brownie in a mug. I know what I’m doing today. Love you! Hugs!

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      Oh yes, haha, the brownie in a mug was a big success. It’s good to be reminded, I had forgotten some of the things I had put in the jar so it was good. I’ll try again 2014, maybe I will put more in it. Love you too. Hugs and a good start into 2014!

  • LOVE that memory jar idea!

    Here’s to an awesome 2014! (And many more awesome #snarkathon funtimes to come!)

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      It’s a really neat idea and I’m doing it again, maybe this year I will do a better job at documenting things.