Disney (Wednes)Day: Alice in Wonderland

Today’s Disney film was released in 1951 and it is an adaption o fLewis Caroll’s famous story ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Funny fact, I read the book in 13th grade but nothing much stuck with me so I really should read it again at some point.

The movie opens with a shot of the countryside where a woman is reading from a book by the river. It’s Alice’s history lesson only Alice really doesn’t care about history and textbooks because there aren’t a lot of pictures in them You’re cute, Alice, I once thought so too. Instead of listening to her teacher (?) she dreams of her own world. Cue a rabbit in a waistcoat running by. He runs into a rabbit hole and Alice simply has to follow him, because of reasons?!


Down the rabbit hole she falls and falls and falls through weird things. Now I understand what those poofy dresses are good for, they can act as some sort of parachute. Alice ends up in a sort of house. Always on the rabbits tail. He seems to be late for something though we don’t know what it is. The first obstacle in Alice’s way is her tallness. She doesn’t fit through the door so they experiment with a couple of remedies until she is the right size.

Next she meets a group of animals running around a stone with a dodo on top. Apparently the running in circle makes them dry even though the tide washes over them every so often. Alice and I don’t get this principle so we move on to the forest where we meet a set of identical twins who like telling stories. They do this annoying thing where they mention a thing and follow it by saying oh, she doesn’t have time for it though and it’s really not that important. Girls in middle school used to use a variation of this trick and I hate it. Mentioning a thing but when you ask what it is they don’t tell you what it is. Grrr. ┬áThe weird twins start with some tale about a carpenter, walrus and oysters. Apparently this story has a moral that I didn’t pay attention enough to understand. The walrus eats all the sweet little oysters which makes me sad.

Alice continues her search for the rabbit and ultimately finds him in his house. Inside she suddenly grows back to her normal size so she is obviously stuck in the house. Dodo from before walks by. The rabbit and dodo try to work out a way to get her out of there. In the end, a bite of a carrot does the trick. Alice is very tiny afterwards, too small to follow the rabbit actually who is still hurrying away because of his ominous appointment for which he is late. In a field of flowers, Alice stays a moment. The flowers talk and apparently also sing, just thought you should know that. They are also very rude to Alice and I don’t like that sort of thing.


Next, Alice meets the stoner caterpillar of wonderland. He exhales letters and I can’t help but think he would have been happy with the invention of texting. However he doesn’t know you’re not supposed to blow smoke into other peoples faces. Rude, mister! He throws a temper tantrum and turns into a choleric butterfly. Alice experiments with mushrooms and eventually manages to be the right size.

If this characters doesn't scream substance abuse then I don't know what.
If this characters doesn’t scream substance abuse then I don’t know what. It also reminds me of the pink elephants from Dumbo

Then she finally runs into the Cheshire Cat. I like him because he is crazy and awesome. He gives Alice confusing directions because he can. Alice runs into two guys sitting at a table. First they find her rude, then charming and I am confused. I don’t get this bid to be honest. Eventually they are joined by the rabbit. The cylinder guy tries to fix the rabbit’s watch and ruins it. This must be very stressful for the rabbit, considering how obsessed with time he seems to be.

I feel the same, Alice!
I feel the same, Alice!

Alice moves on and I see and owl so we all should take a Disney Owl shot or something like that! Poor Alice doesn’t care for my merriment and cries her poor little heart out because she os lost. Stop it girl, you’re giving me eyes hay fever! She doesn’t have to worry for long though because the Cheshire Cat appears again, telling her she needs to meet the Queen.


Off little Alice goes and runs into some of the Queen’s minions who paint all the roses black. Because she is a nice little girl, she offers her help. The Queen is not happy that someone is painting her roses black however and it turns into a very complicated and weird thing where they play some sort of crocket but with animals and Alice gets put on trial. The white rabbit is also there! Yay. After all sorts of craziness, Alice manages to escape and it turns out, she was just fast asleep.

The End.

Whew, this one was tough to recap because so many crazy thing happen and it doesn’t really make any sense. I would probably have enjoyed this movie more if it wouldn’t have been for my anxiety of OMG how am I going to recap this????

One thing I learned is that I apparently compare Disney characters by their beauty now and I gotta say, Cinderella was much more beautiful than Alice, sorry. In general I liked Cinderella better than this film but it was still good. I can definitely see the appeal for children because it’s crazy and fun. There’s a LOT of singing though, and sometimes it’s even too much for me.

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