Lazy post is lazy but give me a break, it’s the end of the year and Christmas is almost upon us, I am lazy as I am by nature. I don’t think I have mentioned my current shenanigans here yet so excuse me while I fill y’all in. On December 1st some of my VEDA folks started doing this thing called vlogmas where you vlog every day until the 25th and as I miss vlogging, I jumped on the bandwagon. If you want to, you can check out my playlist below. A lot of the vlogs are very random, there is no real red line going through them, I just talk about whatever I like to talk about. To see the entire playlist, click here.

Hope you’re having a great start into this week. I only have to work until the 20th, then I’m off until January 6th. 2 weeks of free time, I can’t wait.

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