Of Soul Crushing and Resurrection

After I finished reading The Fault in Our Stars I couldn’t help but wonder why it appealed to me even through the moments of true sadness. Nevertheless it touched me and I consider it a great read but why exactly is that?

I enjoy reading fluffy stories, the ones that make your heart bounce a little bit higher in your chest and give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. Usually this comes at the cost of plot. There cannot be happening much without some sort of conflict and without conflict there can hardly be any character development. The sole purpose of fluffy stories is to make you smile and that’s fine. They are nice to read and sometimes exactly what you need but life is not an assortment of happy moments strung together like an expensive pearl necklace.

Life is about ups and downs. The stories that we read and that touch us the most are those we can relate to. It’s the moments that crush your soul – when you cannot see the letters on the page in front of you because your eyes are swimming with tears. It hurts, god it hurst so much, even if it’s just a fictional character who is suffering but the thing is, it could be real. We never know how much of the stories we are reading are based upon real life experiences, only the author knows that. And maybe it’s better that way.

If it hurts and causes you pain then why do we even care to read those stories? Why are we making ourselves miserable by proxy? Through the suffering of others? The answer is simple, because we still have hope. We hope that no matter how devastating the plot twist is, that there will be a moment that makes it all worthwhile. And there usually is. All the negative things just make the payoff at the end that much better. It’s why we plummet through the tough parts of the story, so we can reach the god stuff. The words and actions that rebuild our soul after it was shattered to pieces by a beloved character dying or some other horrible thing happening.

And we keep that hope and try to transfer it to our real lives outside of book pages and movies. We go on with our lives even when something terrible happens or we lose focus on the fight we have to endure. Most times, there is still a sliver of hope left in us that somehow, sometime it will get better and we just have to get through this rough patch – that the payoff for suffering through it will be so much better because of the deep low we overcame. Maybe this is silly but it’s a millionty times better than just giving up – than going down without a fight.

Giving up is just never an option.

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  • cupitonians

    Too right. Giving up is never an option

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      It really is not.

  • Tim

    There are a lot of struggles we face in life as humans. I’ve always been a strong supporter of working through anything than everything that comes your way. That’s not to say that every situation is meant to be stayed in…sometimes the way not to give up is to continue to find ways to escape a bad situation.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      Sometimes there is just no easy way out and you have to muddle through which is totally okay.