Disney (Wednes)Day: Melody Time

Another Disney Day, another package film. Melody Time is more like Make Mine Music so you can guess how I feel about it. This movie came out in 1948 and is the second to last package film, yay! Only one more to go before Cinderella!


Once upon a Wintertime is a cute little story about a couple that’s driving around in a sleigh in the snow. There’s also a couple of rabbits hitchhiking on that sleigh. When they decide to go ice-skating the woman has a hard time with it, she gets furious, takes off her skates and marches on with her bare feet. The rabbit couple meanwhile are also quarrelling and both females march away not registering that they are walking to a part of the ice that’s very thin. Naturally the ice breaks and they end up over an abyss. With the help of many friendly animals, both females get saved and everything is totes fine again.


bumble boogie is a really cute short about a bumble bee surrounded by an instrumental nightmare. I really enjoyed this one, it was creative and fun to watch.

The Legend of Johnny Appleseed takes us to the time when settlers were moving west. Johnny, a scrawny fellow has a huge apple farm but he also wants to move west. He’s afraid though so a nice ghost spirit comes by to pep-talk him. Off goes Johnny Appleseed with only a pot, some seeds and his holy bible. Of course he does. My school education and rational mind wants to argue that he would not have survived very long like that but okay. Fiction, I get it. So Johnny walks around, planting more and more apple trees bringing joy everywhere. Especially the animals like him. He leads a great and fulfilled life, blah blah.


Little toot is the story of a little tugboat called toot. He has a mind full mischief, so when he is responsible for a huge ship ending up in the city, destroying many houses (and probably causing a lot of death as well). He gets taken away for his improper behaviour. In exile, which is also REALLY creepy, he comes across a ship in distress. He SOSs but it takes the others too long to get there so Little toot just has to get the job done on his own. Through great many struggles, he manages to bring the ship to the harbour and all the other tugboats are proud. Such a cute story and lil’toot was really cute, I have to give him that.

Trees is a musical segment with illustrations about a tree (as the title would suggest) and the surrounding landscape. I found it utterly forgettable.

Blame it on the Samba brings back old friends from The Three Caballeros, Donald Duck and his fellow bird friends from South America. As this is not too long and only involves live-action footage in the way of a girl playing the piano, I was mostly okay with this. It was over rather fast so that definitely helped.

The last segment, Pecos Bill, has me pulling out my hair. I guess children and especially in the 40s in the US could like this sort of thing but I hated it. The story of Pecos Bill is told around a live-action campfire to some kids. Wheee, fun :( As a family of settlers moved out west they lost one of their 16 kids along the way. The boy, Bill, grows up with a wild pack of coyotes and he is afraid of no man and no beast. One day, he comes upon a horse and together they become the greatest cowboy duo the west has ever seen. Until Pecos Bill falls in love with Sue. Only the horse doesn’t like Sue getting between their cowboy bromance so he interferes with the wedding. This segment included some terrible stereotypes and as usual, my scientific heart bleeds when the laws of physics and a rational mind are disregarded like this.


The End.

One more of this and we’ll be done with this sort of films for a while I hope. I know I’ve been pretty ruthless with these last 4 movies. Watching them from 2013 is pretty bad, even more so as a non American. What I neglected to give credit to earlier was the fact that these films were probably not as terrible at the time the came out. The music was contemporary whereas this is nostalgia now. Rather famous singers and groups helped in producing these movies, names even I did recognise every once in a while.

My biggest problem with this sort of movie is just the segmentation. There are so many stories told during the 70 minutes and that’s a thing I personally do not like that much. It’s like watching Looney Tunes on TV on a saturday morning only marketed as a feature film.


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