Disney (Wednes)Day: Fun and Fancy Free

Fun and Fancy Free is another of those package films and was released in 1947. Unlike its predecessor, it only features two different segments. I actually do not hate this movie, so yay! Progress!

The film opens with Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio, narrating and explaining us that we, as humans, worry too much. We should all be more carefree. Okay. Getting life advice from a cricket, thanks Disney. The first story we’re told is a story about three bears.

Cut to the story about poor prodigy circus bear Bongo (what an unfortunate name). While being amazing, he is also treated like crap and practically lives in some form of golden cage. This gives me Dumbo feels, just FYI. One day it all becomes to much for him, he dreams of a life outside the circus in nature, just like it’s intended for bears like him. With sheer force of will he manages to get a door of his cage open and he leaves. At first he seems really happy to be on his own and I can definitely understand that. Nature rules, yo!

However, having grown up in a circus away from other bears, he lacks certain skills, like climbing up trees and fishing. Life, while being free, is also more difficult than poor little Bongo thought it would be. Sleeping in the forest for the first time is terrifying because of all the random animals that don’t sleep at night. I get why he has a difficult time falling asleep and staying that way, I have that too when I’m first away from home.


After that first terrible night is over, it’s time for fishing because Bongo’s got a whole in his stomach. It doesn’t work out but at least he finds himself a fancy new Girl!Bear. They flirt and hit it off right away. Cue adorable love story.


But things can’t always be sunny and happy so here comes Mean!Bear. He doesn’t like Bongo and as Bongo and Girl!Bear have a fight that Bongo misinterprets, she ends up slapping Mean!Bear which apparently means I <3 U in bear. Whatever you say, movie!

Girl!Bear ends up with Mean!Bear while Bongo sads away. While being sad, Girl!Bear runs away from the mean one and Bongo realises that Girl!Bear was actually saying I <3 U when she slapped him so he goes looking for her. Of course he ends up fighting Mean!Bear and wins. Cue Happy Ending! HUZZAH!!


This was really cute and I kept thinking I know these bears from somewhere but I guess I am mistaken as I have never seen this movie before.

After this story is told we cut back to Jiminy Cricket who figures out that the girl whose bedroom he had stumbled in earlier is actually in a house across the street so he decided to visit. In said house, the girl is alone with a grown man and his two ventriloquist dolls. I find this rather creepy but apparently I’m supposed to see this as a completely normal situation. Okay then.


There’s some blahing that I don’t remember before Creepy Guy starts telling the girl a story about Happy Valley where we see a harp singing and it’s beautiful. Only one day, the golden harp gets stolen and misery sets over the valley, followed by poverty. Womp, womp.

We cut to three very poor fellas living in what was formerly known as Happy Valley. Those three peasants are Goofy, Donald and Mickey. Wikipedia tells me this is the last time Walt Disney voiced Mickey himself so there’s that.

They’re miserable and hungry and it’s painful to watch. I get it story, please move on. Donald is so hungry he goes cray-cray and wants to slaughter their cow. We cut back to the girl and Creepy Guy as they talk with their ventriloquist puppets about what will happen next. Blah. Cut back to Donald as he is stopped from murdering the cow. Instead, Mickey goes into town to sell the cow. While he is away, Goofy and Donald dream of all the food they will buy with their money only Mickey returns with three magic beans instead of money and food. Oh boy.


The beans end up falling into a crack in the floor. As the trio sleeps at night the beans start to grow taking the house with it. The next morning, the guys wake up high in the sky in front of a castle. They try to get in because hunger and adventure. Something like that.

Only this is not normal land, this is giant land, muhahaha. In the castle they learn that the harp was stolen by the giant and is locked up. After a lot of back and forth the manage to free themselves from the giant and take the harp with them. Everything was well again in Happy Valley.

Cut back to the creepy living room of ventriloquism and creepiness. One of the puppets is in fear of the giant being around but Creepy Guy informs us that he was just a figment of their/our imagination. Cue to the giant ripping open the roof, looking for Mickey. I see what you’re doing there movie. As Mickey isn’t there, he just leaves and starts looking elsewhere.

The End.

While this was number four in the package movie list, I did not hate this one. It was mostly nice, except for the creepy guy parts. As I mentioned last week, it helps me when there is one storyline rather than ten packed into one film. Having two separate stories was fine by me and I enjoyed the stories themselves. Still, I am looking forward to being done with these package films.

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  • cupitonians

    LOVE as always!