In Case of Overwhelming Darkness


…how the rain feels on your face when you look at the cloudy sky and dream of the heavy winds taking you with them.

…how the winds tuck at your shirt, your hair – it’ll be a mess to untangle yet it still feels so good, so wild, so free.

…what it feels like to go outside at midnight in the summer, staring into the infinity of the sky, your bare feet touching the ground, feeling the warmth it absorbed while the sun shone on it for hours.

…hearing raindrops hammering down on the roof while lying in bed.

…the sounds of waves and wind and nothing more, closing your eyes to just BE!

…the feeling of exhaustion and satisfaction after a run.

…how the air smells right before it starts to snow.

…swimming in the sunshine on an early morning without all the people in your way.

…the crisp sound of fresh fallen snow on a cold winter night, when nobody has walked through it yet.

…how a tight embrace feels like.

…how it feels to see a rainbow trying to locate the exact position of the end and beginning of it.

…the smell of fresh cut grass/ trees, freshly baked cake and cookies.

…how the light shines upon a lake during sunset, how it’s reflected – almost like in a mirror.

…that having hiccups means, someone is thinking of you.

…what it feels like to sprint at full speed, your lungs burning while your body aches for more oxygen than it’s given.

…how sensational it is that we can walk without actively thinking about it.

…that people love you and you’re certainly not alone even if it feels like it sometimes.

…life’s too short to be on stand-by during most of it.

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  • cupitonians

    So beautiful! Especially love “life’s too short to be on stand-by during most of it”

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      Thank you, I wrote this over a year ago and only got it out of the depths of my drafts folder to have something to fill November.

      • cupitonians

        I wonder how many treasures you’re hiding in your drafts folder! LOVE it!

        • Wilhelmina Upton

          Not many anymore :)