Disney (Wednes)Day: Make Mine Music

Welcome to the year 1946, WWII ended the year before but Disney is still not back to it’s former strength and glory. Make Mine Music – A Musical Fantasy in Ten Parts – is the third of six package films, consisting of animated shorts instead of a feature length story on its own.

As for Make Mine Music, there seem to be a couple of well known artists singing the music for this film like the Andrews Sisters or Dinah Shore.


(1) a Rustic Ballad is the story of two rivalling families living on two neighbouring hills, the blue and red family. I understand they have names but I don’t want to look them up so please forgive me. These two families are in an epic feud and one day a red tries to steal eggs from the blue so they all end up shooting each other. Almost all of them die and their spirits end up on two neighbouring clouds in the sky because OBVIOUSLY!

However there’s still a living red and he falls for a living blue woman, they end up marrying each other but if you think that ended the feud then you’re mistaken because they live it out in their marriage. Good times! Only not.

(2) a Lone Poem starts with a stork in the bayou. There is not a lot happening, a woman sings some sad song while we see the bird moving around in the bayou.

(3) a Jazz Interlude starts off with Jazz beats as the name suggests, DUH! We get to see what I think are three kids, a boy, his younger and his older sister. The older sister is preparing for a date or something like that while the youngest is following her around, as annoying siblings tend to do. Or so I was told. Date!Girl gets picked up by a young fella and on their way to the ice cream parlour, they pick up a couple of friends. Lots of dancing and so on…you get the picture. This part actually looked pretty cool as the drawings of the scenes weren’t entirely finished, so we get some ‘live’ drawing which looked awesome and fitted the Jazz-ness of this segment very well.


(4) a Ballad in Blue is a sad little number about being alone ad missing someone…there’s not much to say about this, just a song.

(5) a Musical Recitation starts off by showing us some drawings of what looks like a very populated park. As it turns out, we get see a baseball game with one team clearly losing. To be fair, their players are all idiots until the ladies man himself steps onto the plate. Show-off as he is, he lets the first two balls strike out, having enough confidence that he’ll be able to knock the third one out of the park…only…he strikes out again. WHAT A SHAME!!

(6) Ballade Ballett is another musical/dance number only it’s ballet this time. Cute but not much going on.

(7) a Fairy Tale with Music tells the story of Peter and the Wolf which takes me back to 7th or 8th grade when we analysed this to bits and pieces in school. Basically, there’s a big bad wolf on the loose and little Peter wants to help hunt it. Only his grandpa thinks he’s too young for it. After the Grandpa falls asleep, Lil’P sneaks out with his mock-rifle to go hunting on his own. Like that’s a good idea, but okay. He runs into a duck, a bird and a tabby, together they proceed to hun the wolf. When they finally find it though, they’re all scared and things don’t go as planned. Lots of suspense and when it seems like Lil’P doesn’t have chance anymore, the real hunters get close but when they finally find Lil’P, he has handled the wolf on his own. Amazing!


(8) After You’ve Gone is a bit by the Goodman Quartet featuring dancing instruments which looks kinda cool. However, it’s over pretty fast though.

(9) a Love Story tells the tale of Alice Bluebonnet and Johnny Fedora who meet in the window display of a department store, they fall in love but that doesn’t last because shortly thereafter, Alice is sold to a customer. Johnny sadz for a while until he is bought as well. All throughout New York he keeps looking for Alice until one day, he sees her from afar but can’t get to her. He tries following her, but ends up in terrible situations. His life seems almost lost when he gets rescued by a guy with an ice cream truck who puts Johnny on the head of one of his two horses. And who do you think sits on the other horse’s head? Alice Bluebonnet!! The joy, the excitement, HUZZAH! This was actually kinda cute and I liked it.

(10) Opera Pathetique is about Willie the whale that wants to become a famous opera singer. There’s a rumour that an opera singing whale exists. One guy thinks that’s because the whale ate an opera singer so he sets out to find the whale and rescue the singer. Willie, as it turns out, is actually a miracle. Not only can he sing opera, he can sing three different sets of vocals at the same time. All his dreams get shattered though because the hunter doesn’t understand Willie’s uniqueness and tries to kill him. What a ad ending to this film.


All in all this so-called package film wasn’t too bad. It didn’t have any Latin America education for starters. Just personally, I prefer a movie with a start an a fish instead of these segments cut together. It was great with Fantasia but I don’t need to see it over and over again. I can’t wait for the 1940s to final be over.

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