Disney (Wednes)Day: Bambi

Finally, a movie I’ve seen before! Oh gosh, I love this movie, heartbreak and feels included, it’s just so precious. I first watched Bambi, that originally came out in 1942, at the beginning of this summer with betfriendboy. Until then, I only knew the basic (and oh-so-sad) storyline.

Bambi opens with a beautiful song and a shot of the woods because where else would a deer live, right?! By and by we see all kinds of different animals living happily together. I have to point the owl out because he is fabulous and I’m also playing the I’m seeing an owl in a Disney movie game. (It may not be a real game yet.)

A baby rabbit appears and as all the animals in this animation, he is adorable with his little twitchy foot which is the reason he’s called Thumper. Thumper and me ¬†was insta-love. Then all the animals go to a special place because of some great news and guess what! BAMBI HAS BEEN BORN! His first steps are pretty wobbly but I can’t actually blame him, since walking on those stick legs must be pretty difficult for a new born. Thumper can’t hold his breath and immediately gets chastised by his mother which results in this adorable (how many times can I use adorable in this post before you start to hate me?) thing he does when he recites his fathers words.


Bambi and Thumper become bros and enjoy the sweet life, only Bambi has a disadvantage when it comes to jumping over trunks in comparison to his rabbit pal. Naturally Bambi gets stuck on the trunk with two of his legs on either side.

“You didn’t hop far enough.”

Bless you, Thumper. Thumper also keeps helping Bambi with his vocabulary, first word ‘bird’. Then they chase a butterfly and end up making the acquaintance of Flower, a hilarious skunk. The rabbit has a field day, because, LOL, of course the skunk isn’t a flower but the skunk is flattered and says it’s okay so he’s from this point on known as Flower. #Adorableness


After that Bambi encounters his first thunderstorm and the animation in addition to the accompanying music is beautiful.

Thankfully the rain doesn’t last forever and the sun come out again whereupon Mama!Bambi thinks it’s a good idea to show little Bambi the meadow. (Upon hearing meadow I got an unnecessary Twilight flashback #UGH) When Bambi finally sees the meadow he starts running towards it only to be stopped by his mother because the meadow, while being beautiful, is also a dangerous place to be and she first needs to check if the coast is clear. All is well though and they proceed with their exploration. In a clover field, Bambi runs into Thumper and his family. This encounter is laced with another moral because Thumper suggested only eating the blossoms whereupon his mother reminds him of his father’s wise words again.

Then another favourite of mine appears, the watch-out frog. He’s pretty damn cool, don’t you think?! Over taking a sip of water Bambi meets his future mate, I mean a female mini deer named Faline. It’s pretty obvious they are made for each other but let’s pretend for the sake of the movie that we didn’t notice this right away. She is kinda forthcoming and definitely interested in our little Bambi who, himself, seems to be a tad intimidated by her.

On the meadow, a showcasing of testosterone and masculinity is happening as all the male deer population is hopping and prancing around. Their leader is the oldest deer that also goes by The Great Prince of the Forest, what a guy! I can’t help but wonder if Bambi ever asked his mother about who his father is.

But then something terrible must be happening as all the animals suddenly flee the meadow. Poor Bambi gets separated from his mother and is lost. Thank god for The Great Prince of the Forest though! He brings Bambi to safety and all seems well again. Phew, what a shock.

Slowly summer turns to fall and then to winter. Bambi’s first encounter with the frozen element is pretty adorable. Naturally his long stick legs are not ideal for walking on ice where Thumper, again, has the advantage.


Winter is not all fun and games though, it also means that food is scarce but Mama!Bambi is doing her best to feed her little son. The first signs of spring appear and with it comes the first fresh grass. Mother and son are on the meadow and something seems to be wrong. We all know what comes next. The music alone lets you know what’s about to happen. They run for cover while shots are fired at them and only Bambi makes it back safely to the thicket. He didn’t even notice his mother wasn’t right behind him anymore. #SadPanda He goes looking for her, but of course she doesn’t answer.








Fast forward a while, spring/summer is in full bloom, all the animals of the forest are happy and probably horny (did I just write that?). Only the owl is annoyed with all the chirping and such. He’s such a cynic making fun of the flirting until Bambi appears and he’s all grown up now, he even got his own set of antlers.


Then Owl knocks this awesome quote out of the park:

“Just the other day I was talking to myself about you and we were wondering what had become of you.”

Please never change! What follows is some sort of birds and bees education curtesy of the owl. Needless to say this is hilarious. Flower, Thumper and Bambi all naively think that love isn’t for them so naturally the movie now shows us how they fall off the wagon one friend at a time. Flower is first when he finds a nice skunk lady to walk through the flower fields with. Thumper gets a mate soon after that.


Oh, and there is Faline, I told you she would be Bambi’s girl at some point. Only Bambi has got competition, so the guys fight for her. Naturally Bambi wins, much to Faline’s joy.

Nothing good lasts forever though. Men have penetrated the forest again and all the animals are fleeing. Only Bambi and Faline got separated and then Faline gets followed by evil dogs. Bambi shows up to rescue her but gets injured. Again The Great Prince of the Forest is there to save him as the forest starts to burn. Fire is everywhere, it’s horrible to watch. The animals are trying to flee to a little island in a lake. Again, my feels!

Bambi and Faline are reunited and the forest starts to heel. The last scene of the movie brings us right back to where we started. Thumper now has an adorable family of his own and they all rush over to welcome Bambi and Faline’s newborn which turns out to be twins. AMAZING!!



I love these adorably cute animals, most of all Thumper. I wish he was real so we could hang out together. I’m sure we’d have a lot of fun.

While I’d say that Fantasia is probably the most artistic movie of them all, this one is where my heart’s at. I know I’m early in my assessment but I can’t imagine another movie being this great. Maybe at the end of this project I will stand corrected but so far, this is my favourite.

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  • Vanessa

    I think if a Disney drinking game is invented (who am I kidding, there are probably already a hundred of them) the presence of an owl has to be ‘take a drink’ time.
    I always found Bambi so sad, the forest fire is horrible, and I haven’t watched it in years. You’ve made me want to re-watch it for the other great stuff though!

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      The owl thing, yes, there are probably a bunch of Disney drinking games out there. I’m just curious to see how many movies actually feature owls.

      Bambi is so sad but my eternal love for Thumper is what gets me through it. You should definitely re watch it :)

  • Return to the ’80s (Paul)

    I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen this movie! Or if I did, I was too young to remember. I’ll have to check it out.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      You definitely should. It’s sad but also great. I may be biased due to my love for Thumper though.

  • Heather

    My mom used to play April Showers on the piano and sing it to me when I was little. Every time I hear it I think of her. You need to rate the movies between 1-10 on your scale of bad/good in your opinion. I am curious to know. I grew up with all the movies you watched so far and personally don’t like any of them. I guess since I have always had a child under 10 in my house for the past 22 years I have seen more of the newer Disney movies over and over and tend to like those better. I look forward to hearing what you think of the newer ones.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      That’s pretty cool, my Mom was not musically gifted in any sense. It was a miracle when she recognised a song or an artist.

      Ah, rating, that’s really difficult and I probably won’t do it. It’s just difficult to compare these movies, especially with things like Fantasia that don’t fit with the rest. Bambi is definitely one of my favourites. As far as the newer ones go, I saw some but there’s none that stuck out to me as far as I can remember. Beauty and Beast is good, mostly because I love Chip and some of the other inanimate animate objects.