Friday Night Lights

I finally made it through Friday Night Lights and boy was it a ride. I never thought a show about high school football could be that fantastic, but I’m serious. It’s a fantastic show, I can understand why fans sent lightbulbs to NBC Universal when it was cancelled. At least it got a fantastic series finale, everything was wrapped up and good. I love it!


This show is so emotional, I don’t remember what show I cried over as much throughout all seasons. Hell, it started with the pilot episode, at the end?! I was in tears. I was in tears again with the finale, and countless episode in the middle. The characters, the drama, it just all felt so real, not like a TV show. It’s not over the top and cheesy like Glee, it’s raw and honest which appeals to me much more than fake drama.

At the centre of the show is Coach Taylor’s family and I have to say, Coach and his wife Tami have one of the best marriages I have seen on TV. They bud heads sometimes but in the end they always find a way to compromise. From time to time it takes Coach a while to make the right decision but he always comes through for Tami and his family and I appreciate it. There is not boosted drama, it’s a representation of real life with all its ups and downs, meaning there is plenty of drama to begin with. It’s good to see a football coach in a conservative state like Texas not being a misogynist. Even though women aren’t allowed to play football and usually don’t have a place on the team, he finds a way to let Jess in.

Then there are these high school kids and I gotta hand it to the people who created these characters and those who played them, because they all did a terrific job. They live in this (from what I gathered) rather small and not particularly wealthy town in Texas, called Dillon. And as it is Texas, the most important thing in this town is football. For a lot of the players, it’s their only way out of town or to go to college. Dillon breathes HS football, not much else matters and it is interesting to see how the sport changes these kids, mostly thanks to Coach. A lot of the kids had to grow up way before their years, like QB Matt Saracen who lives with his grandma while his Dad is in Afghanistan. He takes care of the old lady and just thinking about it breaks my heart again a little bit. There’s Tyra Colette who is working her way through school so she doesn’t have to end at the strip club like her older sister. And there are so many more. I love all these characters.

I love shows with big casts, big hearts and wonderful, inspirational speeches so this was a perfect show for me, even though I didn’t know anything about football and am still not sure if I even like the sport, but man it gave me chills watching the fake plays. And the credit music, if that does’t give you chills when you hear it, I don’t know what you’re made of, stone? It’s slow at first and paired together with the pictures of the big texan landscape, it’s full of the desperation of a town that doesn’t have much more to offer than a HS football team. Then you get to the players and the beat takes up, it becomes hope- and playful, aaahhhh I love it.

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  • readmeanything

    I love this show so much. Sigh.
    I can’t get over just how wonderfully this show (save for that hideous and random murder-rapist storyline) brought community and family and ambition and love and sports and heart into my life and made me miss all these things and appreciate it when i am away.. <3

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      True, that murder-rapist storyline was awful but the good thing is, it’s one of the very few things that bug me about FNL.