Disney (Wednes)Day: Pinocchio

Today’s animated Disney film came out in 1940 and it’s another one of those I’ve never seen before. (We will eventually get to some I saw before this project but not yet.) The only thing I knew about the story of Pinocchio was that his nose grows whenever he tells a lie and that he lies a lot.

Pinocchio starts with old wood-carver Gepetto who makes the puppet of P. He is an adorable old man, living together with his cat Figaro and a pet goldfish. One evening he sees a wishing star and BOOM! The blue fairy turns P into an alive puppet. Of course P is still made out of wood and he also doesn’t have a conscience so the cricket named Jiminy Cricket (who also conveniently narrates the movie) becomes his conscious. Pretty blue fairy promises P that if he proves himself to be “brave, truthful and unselfish” then he will be turned into a real boy.

Naturally, being a new born wooden puppet with a conscience that’s an entirely different species is not easy and so P gets himself in lots of trouble before he gets to prove himself worthy of becoming a real boy. Cue Happy End. So that’s the short summary and here come my thoughts on the movie:

  • Is that a singing turtle? Nope, a singing cricket, never mind. I mean, who doesn’t love a singing cricket to narrate a movie, right?!

  • Nice visuals! Oh, those are a LOT of cool clocks on the walls.
  • “He almost looks alive. Wouldn’t it b nice if he was a real boy?” Oh Gepetto, you should know that saying stuff like this will get you into trouble in a movie. And then there’s the wishing star. Of course, movie, of course.
  • Hahaha, Cricket, you think this is not at all a practical wish? Have you ever been in an animated movie before? I mean, come on, it’s like they hired you off the street for this part.
  • A FAIRY!!! And she is beautiful and P is adorable and my heart goes awwww. Lol, Cricket becomes P’s conscious? Now that’s not convenient at all…

  • So far, there has been less singing than in Snow White which is good. Maybe I am mistaken and it’s just not that annoying but I do think it’s less.
  • Of course P needs to go to school because that won’t be weird at all. How do you explain you’ve got a walking, talking wooden puppet that would like to attend your first grade math class to a teacher? Oh, never mind, there is a talking dressed up fox with a dressed up cat-sidekick. Sorry, I got distracted by reality there.
  • One can tell the talking Fox is evil because he looks very sceevy.
  • The dressed up talking fox calls a speaking wooden puppet extraordinary? Umm, okay…Damnit where’s the conscious when you need it? P is about to make a terrible mistake. School is more important than becoming a dubious theatre star, P, let me tell you!
  • “What does an actor want with a conscious anyway?” Oh, Cricket, that was some nice commentary and social critique, I didn’t expect you had in you.
  • NonononoNOOOOO!!! Poor Pinocchio!!! Thank god the blue fairy was there to save the day, let that be a lesson to you, P.
  • Yes, every kid should choose smartness over becoming an actor (not that I believe both need to be mutually exclusive but) it’s some good sense thrown in there for the kids.
  • Evil Fox man again?! Ugh…so much contrivance…
  • How can one puppet get itself into so much trouble?
  • Now we got boys that get turned into donkeys? What for? I feel like I missed something, never mind, moving on. Of course P get’s a tail and donkey ears too.

  • They finally make it back only now Gepetto is missing? Sad panda :(
  • I guess, I am not supposed to ask how a cricket breathes underwater, right? Okay, so I won’t then.
  • I didn’t realise there is this much story to this story…so much has happened and by that I mean P got himself into so much trouble.
  • So Gepetto and Figaro live on a boat INSIDE a giant whale? Oookaayyyyyy. Giant evil whales always remind me of Moby Dick and that’s something I don’t like to be reminded of.
  • And then they ripped my heart out:


  • Awwww, P was selfless, rescued Gepetto and therefore got turned into a real boy, that’s sweet.
  • I was surprised that the actual lying and nose growing part wasn’t bigger in this movie. I kind of expected more out of it.



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  • Vanessa

    Pinocchio’s always been one of those Disney movies that’s good, even if it’s a little dark. Love your take on it! And I think they get turned into donkeys because they’re asses? At least that’s what I’ve always thought. I never thought about how Jimminy Cricket was breathing underwater, now it’s going to bug me all day.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      I personally am not sure about where this particular movie stands on my like list of Disney. There was stuff in the middle that I didn’t really enjoy.

      Sorry this made your brain bugged but it’s stuff I tend to notice and then get irrationally confused about. Like, why even think about it, there’s a walking, talking wooden puppet so breathing underwater is no biggie.

  • EmilyHornburg

    When I was a kid, I liked this movie but never really understood it and was slightly terrified during it. Now that I see it as an adult, I totlaly understand why I got scared. Um… if you’re bad you turn into a donkey. That’s TERRIFYING! And I also realized as I got older than it’s not about turning into a donkey… it’s turning into an ass. So… yay for adult symbolism!

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      Oh, so true, it’s quite a scary movie but so are most fairy tales.

      Ah yes, turning into an asshole when you’re bad, I get that, it makes sense and yay for symbolism!