LHBHS… turns 2!! YAY!

Two years ago on this exact date, Lazy Happy Bored Happy Sad… was created. Little did I know about the impact it would have on me. This little corner of the interwebs I call home is my heart and soul. It is very personal and dear to my heart. It is my save haven when life is tough or needs sorting out. I come here to ramble about my day or share what I read and watched lately. It is me, this blog is who I am in a nutshell.

Of course this blog would be nothing without the people reading and commenting on it. Two years ago, I didn’t anticipate the struggles I would have to go through and how this blog, my readers, friends and the community I found online would help me get through my most troubling time. I’m grateful for every comment my posts receive, without you, I would just be a mad woman with a blog rambling about herself. Oh wait, that’s still true! What I’m trying to say is, thank you! Thank you random readers, thank you followers and thank you friends for being here and for being awesome. And now I’m turning myself into a gooey puddle of mush, but that’s okay I guess. Fitting for the occasion.

You can also watch me get all sappy over the internet in a recent VEDA vlog. Enjoy.

Incidentally, I was voted Featured Blogger over on 20sb¬†which is something I would have never seen happening ever! And it would have never happened if it were’t for the fact that I basically ran unopposed and only got 2 votes out of 2 people because nobody cared for August Featured Blogger.¬†Nevertheless I am grateful for this. Now my face with a link to my blog is up on the main site which is fantastic. I also got to fill out a questionnaire for the 20sb blog so check that out!

And now, cheesecake for all!!

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  • Happy Blog-aversary! and congrats on being a 20s-featured blogger!!

    • Thanks for checking out my blog, and yes being featured blogger is pretty amazing!

  • Happy “Birthday” to you!! I am so glad you started this blog. Otherwise we would have never “met”. You have been a great support for me this past year. Thanks for all your comments and advice! You’re awesome!

    • Aww, Heather, you’re so sweet. Having met you through this has been a great source of comfort for me as well so I say thank YOU! I hope you’re doing fine.

  • That is awesome! Congratulations by the way (although it’s belated…haha). It’s awesome to see how your blog has grown so much! Not only that but you seem content now :) I would have never imagined that I would have stumbled onto such an awesome blog, and I’m truly glad to see that you’re still going strong!

    • Still going strong may be a bit of an overstatement but I’m glad to be still going. And thanks, I love that this little blog brought me in contact with amazing people like yourself.