‘The Fault in our Stars’ by John Green

Since I started looking for John Green books in bookstores over here, this is the only one I have found so far. Apparently Germans are not that into his writing which is a shame. This was my first introduction to his writing and I was mesmerised. I couldn’t put the book down.

I’ve only been on the other side of cancer, the taking care of the sick person part which is hard but not as difficult as being a teenager with a terminal illness. I knew this book would make me cry ugly tears and it eventually did. It is raw and honest and I loved Hazel Grace’s point of view. Her obsession with this weird writer and her falling in love with Augustus Waters who is another teenager with cancer. To be honest, I didn’t expect the book to end as it did which is where the beauty lies. Nothing is worse than already knowing what happens and this book does a good job at striking down my anticipations.

There comes a great burden to any terminally sick person but especially when they are young, you leave behind your parents. It was never intended that way, children don’t die before their parents but of course they do sometimes. Hazel feels guilty for taking up so much time and money of her parents, especially her mother who is her caretaker. And I get that sentiment, I really do which is why the end made me happy because not everything has to end because one life was cut short. There are even opportunities that rise from such traumatic events that can be utilised. I like that. It will be terribly hard but the lives of the other people around you will eventually go on.

Cancer stories are difficult and I try to steer clear of them but I’ve made exceptions to this rule before and I’m glad I did. It is personal for me but so is it for millions of other people I don’t have to flatter myself in believing my point of view id special.

In short, I really, really enjoyed this book so I’ll be hunting down some more John Green books in the future.

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  • Since it’s still relatively early here, this is the same John Green that does Mental Floss’s new video series, yes?

    • Yes, that’s him.

      • That’s what I thought. I like his work for Mental Floss, and I’ve recently started going back to watch his other vlog stuff…might have to check out his books.

        • His vlogbrother series with his brother Hank is also very good. And I am also looking forward to read more of his books to see how they vary from each other or if he’s a Jodi Picoult (which I don’t think but you never know).

  • I put it on my Amazon wish list. Will have to order it next payday. Thanks for all the good book suggestions.

    Hope you are doing well. ~Heather

    • You’re totally welcome but be prepared, you will bawl your eyes out.