There are Days…

There are days I feel happy; like I’m bursting with energy; as if I could take on the world and win.

There are days I’m insufferable; I know it but I cannot change it no matter how much I annoy even myself with it.

There are days everything feels wrong from the moment my feet touch the ground for the first time in the morning without having done anything yet.

There are days I jump out of bed with the prospect of watching a sunrise; I wake up believing in all the possibilities life gives me and that everything is splendid.

There are days I feel like a waste of molecules; of space; of clean air I take away from more deserving people than me.

There are days my heart sings and the rest of my body hums along because everywhere I look I see beauty; it is wonderful and I’m unable to take my eyes away from it.

There are days I’m a genius and know it – maybe not an actual genius but close enough to make me feel like I have the answers to everything.

There are days I fight the words in my head to make sense; to be quiet; to leave me alone as I lie in bed avoiding the real world outside of my bedroom.

There are days I cannot wait to mould sentences; string words together to share them with the whole wide world because I have feelings to attend to.

There are days I feel the need to drown my emotions in fiction because only there I can be sure of a happy-end instead of these dreadful actual feelings I’m harbouring.

There are days I’m lazy as hell and cannot get a thing done if my sanity depended on it.

There are days I could spend hours looking at the wallpaper because I’m not really seeing it – too lost in my own head.

There are days I cannot sit still because my mind is racing and my body needs to catch up.

There are days I want to cry for hours but I’m not letting myself because it feels weak and stupid until the time I cannot hold the tears in any longer.

There are days remembering the amazing people in my life is enough to make my heart burst with joy.

…and then there are days that are filled with all of the above.

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  • I really, REALLY enjoyed this post!

    • That’s always pleasant to hear :-) Glad you enjoyed it.

  • You’re not alone Willie! Geez, it’s like you’re inside my head. I feel all those things too.