‘The Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins

You guys, I made it. I came late to the party as usual but I read the Hunger Games trilogy and it was fantastic! There’s not a lot of YA stuff I actually read. I never have, not even when I was a teenager – I was always reading books that were not really fit for my age but I didn’t care. The last series that falls into this category is the Twishit Twilight saga and that was just plain stupid and boring and badly written with terrible characterisations.

The Hunger Games however, blew me away. From the first chapter in the first book on, I was hooked and eager to see how the story unfolds. The characters are fantastic, I love Katniss and Peeta and even the ever-drunk Haymitch. They are far from perfect but aren’t we all? The books have a fast pace and it was hard putting them away at night. The last one I read in only one day because I had to. I just needed to get to the end, the conclusion and find out what awaited the characters, how everything turns out.

It’s not a peaceful story, it’s dark and painful but so worth reading. I originally didn’t want to read it even though there was a lot of hype around it but every time I read the summary on Amazon I chickened out. Dystopia and suffering don’t make me come running because it doesn’t sound like good reading material but in the end, curiosity got the best of me. Thankfully. Just like it did in 7th or 8th grade with the Lord of the Rings.

To be honest though, I prefer the first 2 books. Mockingjay is a bit slow (not even sure if that is it) for my taste. You kind of know what everyone is dancing around and a lot of stuff seems to be happening without the prominent characters around. Instead there are a lot of hospital visits and days spent not doing anything real. Not really fighting but trying to figure out what will happen. Also, a lot of character deaths that I didn’t want to see. In the first 2 books, you are prepared for deaths because it’s the whole purpose of these Hunger Games and mostly characters die that you are not that emotionally invested in. Not so in Mockingjay. There go a lot of brave people and it feels like a waste. But then again, the final Harry Potter had a high death toll as well.

What I also have my problems with but which is probably a main focus of the story is how Katniss is always used in one way or another. She is always a player in some bigger scheme she has no clue even exists. She has amazing instincts and a head of her own which makes me like her even more but still she can only break away at times and never fully until she is left broken at the end. She is not a glorious heroine but rather a normal person trying to deal with the demons of her past that continue to haunt her. I really like her. I’m not ecstatic about the end but I guess it’s ok and a fair conclusion. I like it, just nothing big – nothing earth shattering.

I haven’t seen the movie yet but after I realised that I’ll be able to see the next 3 movies as they come out it makes me excited. I’m fully caught up with the story and ready for once.

‘May the odds be ever in your favour.’

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  • I’m glad you enjoyed the books! I love them so much. They’re fantastic! I really enjoyed the movie except for the scene where all of the tributes visit the Capitol in their outfits for the first time. All I’m going to say is that they could’ve invested some more money into the special effects for Katniss, but other than that, AMAZING :D

    • I’ll watch the movie in the not so distant future and I’m really looking forward to it. And the books are just fantastic!

  • I was apprehensive about reading it as well but I’m so glad I did. Such a strong female character and the story completely draws you in. The movie was a big disappointment to me though, but that’s a compliment to how good the book is. So glad you’ve read it as well!


    • I will have to see the movie so I can have an opinion about it but nice to know you read it too.
      Katniss is a very strong female character and such a good opposite to the others that are out there at the moment, like Ana Steele and Bella.

      • Absolutely! I’m sorry that the movie has started a craze with the American fans, much like Twihard but at least Katniss is a good role model <3

  • Suzanne Collins wrote another series, the first of which is “Gregor the Overlander.” It’s a series I read out loud to my fourth graders every year, but they are not pleasant or easy books. Lots of characters die, and Gregor is usually a pawn for someone else. The author said she wanted the books to be a study of war, but they’re kids books. If you ever get bored, you should try them.

    • Sounds really interesting. Yeah, I thought about checking out some of her other stuff.

  • I love the series and yes, I totally agree that the third book is the weakest. It’s a testament, actually, to how much I loved the first two because I think the ending was completely mishandled. There is one particular death in book 3 that practically did the entire series for me. I was so angry. SO ANGRY.

    But. Yeah. Still love.

    • Oh yes, there is one death that is REALLY inappropriate and another I could have so done without but we as the reader cannot change that. Yes…the ending…not what it could have been but the trilogy is still amazing.

  • Heard about this … but I think it’s fare too scary for my liking! Neither am I in to science fiction. Must admit that the video was … very intriguing!

    • It’s actually not that scary, I don’t know how to explain it. Maybe angsty?! But the books are written in first-person so you know Katniss will make it because otherwise there would b no narrator and thus no further story.

      • What I saw from the trailer … far too scary for my comfort !!!! I have to hide under the coat the whole movie.

        • LOL, okay :D Then maybe you shouldn’t watch it ;)

          • I’m like a big baby … but still I have to have 1/2 eye on the movie.