30 Days of Books – Day 30

Your favourite book of all time

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Alas, I made it, Day 30! I hope you enjoyed these past 29 days as much as I did. Onto the last instalment, my favourite book of all time. Hmmmm. I’m going with Little Women & Good Wives by Louisa May Alcott.


Do any of you remember when Joey and Rachel discuss their favourite books on FRIENDS in season 3 because Rachel is re-reading Little Women? It’s how I found out about this book. It is amazing and sweet and sad and just awesome.

I couldn’t find the right scene on youtube so this has to do:

Thus I conclude this book challenge. Thanks to all of you who read my posts. It was great to go though the books I read, trying to find out what was this, what was that… See you soon!

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  • What a great series! This was a good idea! It was a lot of fun.

    • Thank you. It was fun going through all the books and deciding what I liked best!