30 Days of Books – Day 22

Favourite book you own

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This is gonna be a short post because I already talked about this book. Sorry it’s featured on my list twice but I love the cover so, so much, there’s just no other choice. The Monsters of Templeton by Lauren Groff.



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  • Another book I never heard of .. as child or adult – I suppose there is so many books out there – and in my childhood it was only Swedish authors … like Astrid Lindgren and Selma Lagerlöf.
    I’m sure you have heard about “Pipi Longstocking” by Astrid Lindgren. It’s translated to more languages then the Bible, but not so many as the IKEA catalogue.

    • This is fairly new, it was first published in 2008 and I don’t think a lot of people have heard about it.

      I haven’t read Selma Lagerlöf so far but of course I know Astrid Lindgren. I haven’t read her books in ages but I still watch the Emil and Pipi movies every year around christmas. I even own Emil and Saltkråkan on DVD though my favourite is Alla vi barn I Bullerbyn.

      • I know that Astrid’s books are popular all over the world .. and you have your share, very nice.
        Alla barn in Bullerbyn, is fantastic .. my favorite too.

  • Totally bought this book and Sing You Home this week. They both just looked too good.