30 Days of Books – Day 21

Favourite book from your childhood

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I wish I could go with Little Women because it would be very fitting for this topic but I didn’t read it until a couple of years ago. As a kid, I was not into girlie books, instead I loved adventure and crime novels. Also, I’m not picking just one book but a series of books. I read them a lot when I was younger and, at least in my memory, they were cool. What I’m talking about is TKKG by Stefan Wolf.

Most of you will probably never have heard of this series, since it’s a German franchise and I don’t think it was exported. It consists of books (obviously), radio plays and even a TV series. TKKG is an acronym for the first names of the four main characters, Tim, Karl, Klößchen and Gabi. They go to school together which is a boarding school but also normal pupils can go there. Gabi’s dad is a detective with the Police, Karl is a computer and science nerd, Klößchen loves everything with chocolate because his family owns a chocolate factory and they’re also really rich and Tim lives with his single mother and he’s also very athletic. Together they solve crimes and mysteries. It’s all pretty cool when your 10 and dream about becoming a private investigator once you grow up :-)

I still have all my books and cassettes and CDs but they’re stowed away.

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  • This I haven’t heard about neither … but there is loads I know nothing about.