30 Days of Books – Day 20

Favourite romance book

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There are soooooo many romance novels out there and I’ve read quite a few because I love fluff and happy couples and that stuff sometimes. This is again a vey hard choice – I want to go with something that was already on this list but in order not to repeat myself, today’s choice is: Best Day of Someone Else’s Life by Kerry Reichs. It’s actually the predecessor to The Good Luck Girl and features related characters.

The main character is Kevin ‘Vi’ Conelly – her parents really wanted a boy. She is in her 30s and suddenly, she gets all these invitations to weddings of friends and colleagues which is awkward for her because she has no one in her life even though all those people seem to have found an idiot to love them. Thus continues a long series of weddings she has to attend and/or even take part in. Some of her experiences are funny and embarrassing and she manages to keep her spirits high.  Through some up’s and down’s she finds a really decent guy.

This book is well written, for chick-lit and if that’s your thing, I can only recommend it, also Kerry’s second book.

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