30 Days of Books – Day 16

Favourite female character

Previously: Favourite male character

SO MANY CHOICES, Y’ALL!!!! I want to go with Miss Marple but sadly the written version is not as good as the one played by Margret Rutherford in the films. I’d also like to go with Maeve, Eve Dallas, Lizzie Bennet, Clarice Starling, Thursday Next, Jo March and Tempe Brennan but I’m not choosing any of them despite the fact that all of them rule and can be quite badass.

I am however going with *drumroll* Hermione Granger. She is the smartest witch to ever attend Hogwarts and lets be honest, without her, Harry wouldn’t have made it through book #1. She is loyal, an amazing friend, smart and witty. For me, she is the best character out of the Harry Potter books and the best role model young girls can hope for while reading.

Also? They couldn’t have cast a better actress to play her.
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  • Like the work you do here with the blog – but I don’t like anything about Harry Potter – must be the only person in the world, so no harm … done. *laughter.

    • Growing up, you could not not care about HP, it was everywhere. But, no harm done, you are entitled to your own opinion and I can totally understand a person that doesn’t like HP. I don’t care about many books :D

      And thank you :-)

      • I just don’t like books like that … never like the The Lord of the Rings neither. Nothing personal against HP – just the environment he are in.

  • rmiles

    “Y’ALL?” Oh, you are funny! I’m still amazed that you usually can select a clear ‘winner’ every day from all the books you’ve ever read. . .impressive. :)

    • What’s funny about my Y’all?
      Well, I’m just proclaiming a winner based on what think and feel at the moment. Granted, sometimes it’s really hard and I just pick one of the alternatives.

      • rmiles

        I was trying to imagine the word ‘y’all’ with your accent. . .and it struck my funny bone. I’m weird that way. I apologize. I didn’t mean any harm. :)

        • No harm done. But rest assured my accent is very American and I can pronounce a proper ‘TH’. If I really pay attention I don’t have a real accent specially not a german one ;-)

          • rmiles

            Aww, an American accent isn’t fun. :) I have a couple of German retired seniors where I work. I just couldn’t think of them saying that word without smiling. I find accents more endearing than anything and I certainly wouldn’t want to offend you. . .or any other person. :)

          • Not offended. I know how my folks can sound. Our secretary of state is a perfect example, he sounds terrible and I’m always ashamed when I hear him.

            But then again, I didn’t hear the german accent of Franka Potente on American Horror Story that was pointed out by one of the ladies on afterellen. Or at least it was not nearly as bad as it could have been.