30 Days of Books – Day 11

A book you hated

If I was a fan of Carnival I would wish you all a happy start of the fifth season today which starts at 11.11 am but I strongly dislike it, as I dislike Cologne so no happy wishes from me.

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Does it count if I haven’t finished the book? Oh, screw it, who cares. I can do whatever I want so here, the book I hated: Moby Dick by Herman Melville.

Ugh, what a dreadfully dull story about the obsession of an old man with a white whale. I believe I made it almost as far as through half of the book before I decided that my time was better spent learning the pattern of wallpaper than to continue with this book. I know I’m not being just, there must be an appeal to the story but I didn’t see it. Maybe when I’m old and have more time than know what to do with, I’ll grab my copy again and try it again. Until then, Moby Dick is my most hated book. For another insufferable but much shorter choice, see Day 08.

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  • Life is too short for reading boring books! Of course you don’t need to finish them! Grab a new one :-)

  • rmiles

    Oh boy, I just can’t wait until I get to this book on my list! ;)

    • Hey, maybe you see more in it than I did. But it’s really long… ;-)

      • rmiles

        Yay! :)