30 Days of Books – Day 04

Favourite book of your favourite series

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Yesterday you learned that my favourite series is the Thursday-Next-series by Jasper Fforde. My favourite of the ┬áseven books that were already published is the first one, ‘The Eyre Affair’.

As the title already hints, it’s mostly about Jane Eyre (which BTW I loved when I read it a while back). Jane Eyre gets kidnapped by a strange criminal sociopath and Thursday has to jump into the book world in order to save the character and thus the complete book because without Jane Eyre, there is not much of a story in Jane Eyre. Thursday goes undercover at Thornfield Hall. There she has interesting conversations with Mr. Rochester while she figures out how to get the heroin back. In the end Thursday naturally succeeds but is also responsible for changing the ending of Jane Eyre to the way we now know it. Normally that is a total no-go but the consensus of the readers found the new ending way better than the old one so the Council of Genres was ok with it.

This book is filled with insanity and literary references and is pure goodness. Jasper Fforde is a little like Terry Pratchett but also different. If you like Jane Eyre or Terry Pratchett you should definitely check this book out and maybe afterwards your as hooked on the alternative universe as I am.

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