A Not Crack of the Dawn Run

This morning was so beautiful I knew it when my alarm went off. I knew that I needed to go outside and run but since I’m not much of a morning person it wasn’t really that early. Even if I would have been up earlier, it wouldn’t have been as lovely as it was at 9am because it was too foggy before. But you know what that means, a foggy start of the day almost always brings along a lot of sunshine.

It’s autumn in this part of the world and even though I really like all seasons, autumn is my favourite followed closely by spring. It’s just so pretty when the leaves start to change their colours and the forests are suddenly shining so much brighter and you know that it’ll all be over way too soon when winter comes around. The air is not that cold yet and …. ah…. I’m at a loss for words. Just, nature’s beautiful.

Knowing that days like today won’t come around too often I laced my shoes and took my phone with me to take some pictures I can share with you. Sadly the quality is not the best but I hope you can enjoy them nonetheless.


Isn’t it lovely, isn’t it wonderful?

Here I am again, one of my favourite places on earth. The faint sound of traffic mixed with the silence of the woods, which is not that silent at all. It’s where my heart plops back to the right place in my body and is at peace. It’s as if time stands still and I can just breathe and enjoy while nothing ever hurts.

Oh no, what’s that? A giant is loose in the forest.

A giant anthill which means winter will be a strong and cold one. Especially since it’s not the only big one.

My phone tried to convince me we had -1°C which sounded at little harsh since I was wearing shorts but the night was pretty cold indeed as the frost shows.

I wrote about it before, that running keeps me sane, and how can it not? Also, it’s cheaper then therapy (ok, this line, I borrowed from ‘The Lucky One’ movie which was basically the best I could take away from it even though I really like watching Taylor Schilling but I was yelling finally when the credits started to roll on the screen).

I was feeling so good today that I took an extra half loop, something I don’t usually do but it felt right at the moment. After a good run, you don’t feel exhausted but energised which is a pretty amazing feeling. And I leave you with that. Have a great day every one, hope they are as lovely as mine is!!!

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